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Page Title: Emergency equipment
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MIL-T-62255C(AT) Drain plugs. Drain plugs installed in the transmission, power takeoff, axle
differential and the hydraulic fluid reservoir, shall be of the permanent magnet type. Emergency equipment. Emergency equipment shall be furnished. The emergency
equipment shall consist of reflective triangles in accordance with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety
Standards 125 and Federal Motor Carrier Regulation 393.95. Fire extinguisher and tire chains
shall not be furnished. Emergency equipment shall be stowed in a metal container in the vehicle
cab. Splash shields. Removable rubber splash shields shall be furnished for the rear
wheels. The splash shields shall be mounted in accordance with SAE J682. Splash shields shall
be mounted to the vehicle to preclude the splash shield from rolling over the top of the tire when
the vehicle is in reverse, and shall be not below the top of rear axle. Arctic provisions. When specified (see 6.2), arctic provisions shall be furnished in
accordance with MIL-K-62298. The arctic provisions shall be employed when the vehicle is
required to meet Climatic Category 7 as specified in and Table I. Carbon monoxide and NOX concentration. The vehicle and heater exhaust system
shall be installed in a manner that will insure that the concentration of NOX shall not exceed
5 parts per million (ppm), and the concentration of carbon monoxide shall not exceed 50 ppm
(0.0050) in the drivers compartment, after eight hours of operation with all heaters operating and
the vehicle engine at idle speed. Certified test report shall be provided to the engineering office
of the procuring activity. Carbon monoxide and NOX may be tested in accordance with
TOP 2-2-614, Toxic Hazards Test for Vehicles and other Equipment. Contractor shall indicate
levels obtained and test equipment used. Flame resistance. Flame resistance shall be in accordance with Federal Motor
Carrier Safety Regulation 393.84 and Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 302. Certified test
report shall be provided to the engineering office of the procuring activity. Hydraulic fluid. Hydraulic fluid shall be furnished. The hydraulic fifth wheel
hydraulic system fluid shall be in accordance with MIL-H-5606 or commercial equivalent to
meet or exceed the climatic conditions in which the vehicle will operate.

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