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Page Title: Wheels, rims, tire and tubes
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loaded to the specified GVWR. The front and rear axles shall be provided with oil lubricated
wheel bearings and hub seals to resist contamination of the lubricants. Certify that the axles are
matched and rated for use in conjunction with interfacing components. Front axle. The front axle shall have a manufacturer's rating of not less than
12,000 pounds and shall be complete with springs, steering components and all other necessary
parts. Camber and caster shall be alined to the manufacturer's recommendations. Front axle
stops shall be set to meet the turning radius, and when the vehicle is making its hardiest left or
right turn, and when any one wheel is elevated or below ground level, the vehicle tires shall have
sufficient clearance to prevent the tire coming in contact with any vehicle component. Rear axle. The rear axle shall be of the two-dual wheel type. The rear axle shall be a
single speed, double reduction having a certified manufacturer's rated capacity at 35 mph of at
least 33,000 pounds. The axle ratio shall be not less than 11.36:1.00. The axle and its
components shall be capable of withstanding the stresses and loads imposed at maximum
GCWR. Sufficient clearance shall be provided between the axle components and the fifth wheel
and its components.
3.4.8 Wheels, rims, tire and tubes. Vehicle shall be equipped with single front and dual rear
wheels. Rims, wheels and tire ratings shall conform to Tire and Rim Association
recommendations at not more than 30 mph for the type and size of tires furnished. Tire, rim, and
wheel sizes shall be of the same manufacturer on all wheels on each vehicle. Wheels shall be
interchangeable between the front and the rear axles. Disc wheels shall be provided. Rims shall
be the largest; preferred size. Side rings shall be compatible to the wheel rims. Wheels and rims
shall conform to Federal Motor Safety Standard No. 120. Wheels shall have a rated capacity to
at least equal the static and dynamic loads imposed. Fasteners shall be torqued to manufacturer's
specification. Wheels and rims shall be treated, primed and finish painted as specified in
Certify that the wheels are matched and rated for use in conjunction with interfacing
components. Tires. Tires shall be tube type. Tread pattern shall provide traction on wet hard
surface roads. Tires shall provide maximum resistance to heat build-up and capable of off-road
operation. Side walls shall be cut, tear and crack resistant. Tires shall be at least 12.00 by 20-16
ply rating and shall have a rated capacity at least equal to the static and dynamic levels imposed
on each tire, measured at each wheel at the ground, with the vehicle loaded to specified GCWR.
Tires shall be in accordance with Group 3 of ZZ-T-381M, under NSN 2610-00-489-8041 and
Product Code 123-340-988 with tire flaps size R20-80-0. Tubes shall be NSN 2610-051-9454,
Product Code 193-423-200. Tires shall be SRL-l tires for 8.50V rim. Tires shall conform to

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