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Page Title: Maneuverability and placement
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MIL-T-62255C(AT) Highway operation test. The initial production test vehicle will be examined and
road tested GCWR to assure that the vehicle operates in accordance with the contract
requirements. The test vehicle shall be highway operated at a minimum speed of 25 mph for at
least 1000 miles in accordance with and shall maintain full governed speed for at least
three miles during each two hour road test session. Maneuverability and placement. The test vehicle shall be operated in accordance
with and figure 1 in two identical yard areas with improved surfaces, and level within 2
to assure satisfactory operation and maneuverability. Yard areas shall be limited by pylons,
stanchions or chalk marks to a 115 foot maximum width, and during maneuvering and placement
no part of tractor or semitrailer shall cross over these designated borders. The vehicle shall be
used in conjunction with a 40 foot semitrailer loaded to provide GCWR. Test procedures. The test vehicle will be operated on a daily basis in the following
manner. Run the vehicle for two hours in accordance with highway operation test procedures of, follow immediately with maneuverability and placement test of for a two hour
period. Continue to alternate the two tests for the duration of an eight hour day. Testing will
continue in this manner until the vehicle has accumulated 1000 miles.
a. Maneuverability and placement test will begin by coupling the yard tractor to a loaded
trailer which has been preparked between stanchions and/or pylons which are situated to
represent dimensionally two 40 foot semitrailers separated by 12 feet. After coupling, fifth
wheel of tractor shall be raised to full height. Fifth wheel will then be adjusted to a normal
operating height determined by the driver. The semitrailer shall be maneuvered out of its
parking position without any part of tractor or semitrailer encroaching upon those adjacent areas
which have been set up to represent the two other semitrailers.
b. The semitrailer shall then be delivered a distance of 1/2 mile to a yard area identical to
the first and shall be backed into its parking area so that it is centered, and even with the other
represented semitrailers. The semitrailer shall then be uncoupled and the tractor fifth wheel fully
lowered. The tractor will then pull forward a minimum of 20 feet, reverse, and re-couple with
the semitrailer; again raising the fifth wheel fully.
c. The semitrailer will then be delivered to the original area, and the above procedure
repeated; this will complete one full cycle. Five cycles will be completed in one hour.
d. One yard area may be used in lieu of two, provided 1/2 mile distance is traveled, and at
least five cycles are completed in one hour. The trailer must be backed into the parking area by
alternating left hand and right turns to demonstrate turning ability in both directions.

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