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Page Title: Front tow attachments
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translucent reservoir, sight gage or other means for checking the
coolant level shall be provided to enable the operator to check the
coolant level while standing on the ground.  In addition, a low coolant
level and a high coolant temperature alarm buzzer and red indicator
warning light shall be provided on the dash instrument panel.
* Drain plugs.  Drain plugs installed in manual transmission
and rear axle shall be of the permanent magnet type.
* Wood treatment.  As specified herein (see 3.5.4), wood
shall be treated in accordance with MIL-STD-1223. Towing devices.  Not less than two hooks, loops, or pins
for towing the vehicle shall be furnished on the rear of the vehicle.
Towing devices and rear of vehicle shall withstand, without any signs of
failure, lifting the rear end of the vehicle, turning the vehicle within
its minimum turning radius, and backing or pulling the vehicle on a
level roadway.  Decals shall be provided on front and rear bumpers
stating "LIFT AND TOW FROM REAR OF VEHICLE." Front tow attachments.  Two tow chain attachment devices
shall be provided at the front of the vehicle to allow recovery of the
vehicle from a ditch or other impediment.  Each front attachment device
shall provide an ultimate strength at least equal to the GVW rating of
the vehicle furnished. Towing brakes.  In addition to the brake requirements
specified herein (see 3.4.11), an emergency system for controlling at
least the front brakes of the vehicle from a towing vehicle shall be
provided.  The installation shall be complete with air brake couplers;
relay emergency valve with no-bleed-back feature, except when spring
applied emergency brake is furnished; and additional air lines and
fittings.  Towing brake installation shall not compromise conformance to
any Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation referenced herein or to any
Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard.  Couplers shall be mounted in a
protected location at the rear of the vehicle and shall permit ready
attachment of air hoses from the towing vehicle.  Service coupler shall
be located on the curbside and emergency coupler on the streetside.
Couplers shall be identified.
3.2 General design.
3.2.1 Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.  The vehicle and
furnished accessories shall comply with all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety
Standards in effect on the date of manufacture.

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