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Page Title: Coolant temperature control
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MIL-T-62299B(AT) Governor.  An engine governor shall be furnished and set
and sealed to limit the engine to the engine manufacturer's maximum
recommended operating speed. Coolant temperature control. Thermostatic control of
engine coolant temperature--shall be provided.  Control shall include
partial thermostatic control of coolant flow through the radiator and
radiator shutters, or complete thermostatic control of all coolant flow
through the radiator. Power plant heaters and fuel warmer. When specified (see
. --
6.2), a coolant heater, an engine oil heater, and a fuel warmer shall be
provided.  Unless otherwise specified (see 6.2), a battery heater shall
be provided when power plant heaters are specified.  Heaters shall
operate on 120-volt alternating current (at), and shall be wired through
a junction block to a single three pronged (male), weatherproof, slave
receptacle for receiving external power and grounding vehicle.  A three
wire connecting cable, 25 feet long and of adequate line capacity to
supply power for all heater units simultaneously, shall be furnished.
Connecting cable shall include a matching female connector at the
vehicle end and a standard three pronged (two power plus one ground)
male connector at the other end.  Electrical apparatus shall conform to
Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation 393.77(c)(7). Electrical
insulation of connecting cable shall withstand normal operating stresses
in low ambient air temperatures (down to minus 60F) without cracking or
loss of dielectric capacity.  All heater lead wires shall be installed
without interfering with vehicle component operation and without loose
excess wire.  Provisions for stowage of the cable shall be provided in
the vehicle cab.  Heaters shall be furnished as follows:
Coolant heater, 1,500-watt minimum rating, shall be installed
in the engine block or lower coolant inlet hose.  Engine
thermostat with an operating range of 170F to 195F shall be
Immersion type engine oil heater, 300-watt minimum rating,
with 170F to 195F thermostat, shall be installed in oil pan
through any convenient opening.
Battery heater shall have a capacity adequate to maintain the
battery electrolyte at a temperature of not less than 10F
during vehicle exposure in ambient air temperatures as low as
minus 60F, and shall embody a thermostat to limit the
temperature of the electrolyte to not more than 80F.
A fuel warmer or pre-heater shall be provided to prevent
clogging of fuel filters due to wax crystallization in the
fuel.  The fuel warmer shall use engine coolant to transfer
sufficient heat to the diesel fuel to heat it from an inlet

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