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Page Title: Radio interference suppression
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MIL-T-62299B(AT) Radio interference suppression. The vehicle shall be
suppressed to limit electromagnetic radiation in accordance with SAE
J551.  Any body equipment emitting radiation shall be suppressed to the
same level as the vehicle chassis.
3.4.3 Fuel system.  The fuel system shall conform to Federal Motor
Carrier Safety Regulations 393.65 and 393.67. Air cleaner.  A single-stage or two-stage dry type air
cleaner shall be furnished.  The air cleaner shall include an indicator
or dash mounted light to indicate when filter should be changed.
* Fuel tanks.  Dual safety fuel tanks conforming to Federal
Motor Carrier Safety Regulations 393.65 and 393.67 shall be furnished.
Each tank shall have a capacity of not less than 65 gallons.  Means
shall be provided to assure equalized fuel levels in both tanks. The
tanks shall be mounted on each side, as far forward as possible. The
filler shall be identified and be arranged for safe and convenient
filling from the exterior body.  The access for the filler neck shall be
designed to prevent the entry of spilled fuel to any point inside the
vehicle body or entrapment between body walls.  Sealing may be
accomplished by use of a neoprene rubber thimble or grommet, or other
device installed in the access hole.
3.4.4 Exhaust system. The exhaust system, conforming to Federal
Motor Carrier Safety Regulation 393.83, shall be substantially
constructed, effectively leakproof, and quiet in operation.  Properly
supported exhaust tailpipe shall extend to the rear bumper and shall be
located to properly and effectively minimize the possibility of exhaust
fumes entering the body.  The exhaust system shall include muffler(s).
3.4.5 Transmission.  The transmission input torque capacity shall
be at least equal to the maximum torque delivered by the engine. Manual transmission.  Unless otherwise specified (see, the manufacturer's standard manual synchromesh transmission
shall be furnished.  The transmission shall provide one reverse speed
and not less than five forward speeds.  Gear ratios in the transmission
and axle shall be matched to provide a progressive shifting pattern
throughout the complete range and shall provide the required vehicle
performance.  The transmission shall provide for maximum ease of
shifting in all speeds. Clutch.  The clutch shall be the largest capacity clutch
offered for the size of engine furnished with clutch torque capacity
exceeding maximum delivered engine torque.

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