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shall be all smooth finish or the bottom half of the panels may be
beaded.  Sheets shall be overlapped and double sealed with Alumelastic
sealing compound and shall be securely riveted to the body frame
members.  The roof shall be a one-piece panel with a rise at the center
for efficient drainage.  A drip molding shall be provided around the
entire perimeter of the body.  The body, roof, and panel joints shall be
watertight and leakproof.  The body exterior side and roof panels and
all adjoining surfaces shall prevent the entrance of water or moisture
when exposed to a water spray test (see 4.3).  Except where
foamed-in-place insulation is used, a sound-deadening material shall be
applied to the interior surfaces to eliminate drumming.  Heavy gage
metal tapping plates shall be installed between the frame members to
secure wall mounted equipment.  Unless toggle bolts are used, plywood
tapping plates shall be installed to secure ceiling mounted fluorescent
light fixtures.  Supports and reinforcements shall be provided for the
installation of cabinets, lights and equipment.
* Doors.  In addition to the driver's door, two entrance and
exit doors shall be provided.  The doors shall be of aluminum faced
plywood core, one piece molded fiberglass plastic laminate construction,
or pan type, constructed of 0.125 inch aluminum, with aluminum tube
The doors shall be insulated and shall close on
dust-sealing neoprene extrusions.  The doors shall include safety glass
windows with removable curtains, and double-acting door latches with
keyed locks.  Doors shall be equipped with chromed grab handles.  Door
hinges shall be chrome plated, reach-in strap type or stainless steel
continuous type.  Both doors shall be on the curbside, one located near
the front of the vehicle and one located within the reception area (see
figure 1). Windshield.  A windshield affording maximum practicable
driver vision shall be installed at a slope sufficient to minimize
external glare or reflections from inside the body.  Glass shall be
tinted, heat absorbing safety glass. Windows.  A total of seven tinted, heat absorbing, sliding
safety glass windows with screens shall be installed within the body
sides, three on the curbside and four on the streetside in accordance
with figure 1.  The windows shall be provided with fingertip control
permitting easy opening and adjustment to various desired positions.
The windows shall be rattleproof and, when closed, rainproof, waterproof
and windproof.  All windows shall be equipped with curtain rods and
curtains of appropriate color to complement the interior decor. Curtain
rods shall be readily removable.

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