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Page Title: Door and window installation
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edges, and other forms of deformation or surface defects.  Exterior
paneling shall be free of damaged or missing rivets.  Exterior
over-lapped sheet surfaces shall be sealed with sealing compound with
uniform application.
3.7.6 Door and window installation.  All exterior doors and
.  .--
windows shall be properly located, fitted and sealed to prevent entrance
of air, dust and water.  All windows and doors with associated hardware
shall operate without binding.  Window curtains shall be the appropriate
color, durable material, free of uneven stitching, crooked seams} runs,
tears , or color fade and shall be installed uniformly.
3.7.7 Installation of insulation.  The insulation shall be
installed in a manner excluding excessive voids, open spaces, rips,
tears and other types of damage or defects.  Wherever practical, the
insulation shall be installed prior to the closing of spaces of the body
interior.  The insulation shall be installed and secured in a manner to
retain the material in a permanent position under all. operating
3.7.8 Floor installation and floor covering.  Galvanized sheet.
..--.  .----  ----
metal used to enclose the floor area shall be securely installed and
free of gaps, open seams, cuts, or open holes.  All wood parts shall be
free of cracks or splinters and thoroughly treated to provide full and
uniform coverage (see 3.504).  The material shall be applied to provide
uniform coverage, free of thin or bare areas.  The carpeting shall be
installed securely and fitted without gaps, visible seams, bulges,
frayed edges or color fade.
3.7.9 Electrical .system installation.  The electrical system shall
. . . . --- ---. -
.--. .--- . .- .
be installd to provide proper routing for electrical wiring with
clearances between wiring and applicable parts.  All wiring shall be
secured and fastened at all points of bending and protected against
chafing and damage.  Wiring shall be concealed and easily accessible for
repairs.  All circuits shall be properly grounded.  Electrical wiring
covering shall be free of cracks, cutsj kinks, frays, or similar
defects.  All wiring and outlets shall be securely installed, free of
loose or faulty connections.  Wall outlets and other receptacles shall
be conveniently located and installed uniformly.  All electrical
appliances and fixtures shall be mounted securely and properly
positioned to prevent damage during transit.
3.7.10 Air conditioning -. --..heating installation. Air
-- and  . .- --
conditioning units shall be securely roof mounted.  The units shall be
installed, fitted and sealed on the roof surface and shall be rainproof
and waterproof.  The air conditioning units shall perform satisfactorily

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