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Page Title: Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards
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MIL-T-62498 Rear wheel splash and stone throw protection. The rear wheels shall have rubber
mud flaps at the rear. Splash and stone throw protection shall be in accordance with SAE J682.
Rubber mud flaps or fenders shall be provided to the rear of the front wheels and shall extend
down to at least the centerline of the front axle.
3.2 General design.
3.2.1 Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. The vehicle and furnished accessories shall
comply with all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards in effect on the date of manufacture.
3.2.2 Air pollution control. The vehicle shall comply with EPA Regulations governing
Control of Air Pollution from New Motor Vehicles and New Motor Vehicle Engines in effect on
the date of manufacture. In addition, vehicles destined for California shall comply with State of
California regulations governing air pollution control in effect on the date of manufacture.
3.2.3 Sound level. The interior sound level shall conform to Federal Motor Carrier Safety
Regulation 393.94. The drive-by vehicle exterior sound level shall conform to the EPA Noise
Emission Standards for Transportation Equipment - Medium and Heavy Trucks.
3.2.4 Curb weight. The curb weight shall include the weight of the chassis and cab, with
all attachments, accessories, and equipment; the body; and a full complement of fuel, lubricants,
coolant and hydraulic fluid.
3.2.5 Gross vehicle weight. The gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of the vehicle
furnished shall equal the sum of the curb weight, the operator (weight computed at 175 pounds)
and a payload equal to 650 pounds per cubic yard times the actual compaction volume of the
body furnished; or shall equal the minimum GVW specified in table I for the specified size
vehicle, whichever 18 greater.
3.2.6 Weight distribution. The distribution of the GVW for the purpose of establishing
suspension, axle, and tire capacities shall be determined with the payload uniformly distributed
over the load area.
3.2.7 Axle loadings. When loaded to required GVW, as specified in 3.2.5 and 3.2.6, the
total load on single axles shall be not greater than 18,000 pounds for size 17 and size 39 vehicles,
and on tandem axles shall be not greater than 32,000 pounds.

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