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Page Title: Marine atmosphere environment test
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4.5.3 Temperature and humidity tests
* Low temperature tests, loaded condition. TWO dummy torpedoes
shall be loaded in the torpedo tube.  One dummy torpedo shall be of the
Mk 44 Mod 1 type and the other dumny torpedo shall be of the Mk 46 Mod 1
type.  Thermocouples shall be installed on the surface of the torpedoes
in the area of contact between the torpedo and the barrel quadrants. Pro-
visions shall be made for reading the sensed temperatures.  The muzzle
door end of the torpedo tube shall then be placed in a test chamber and
the muzzle door heaters turned on.  The temperature of the test chamber
shall be lowered to -29 3 degrees C (-20 - 5 degrees F) and maintained at
this temperature for a period of 48 plus or minus 5 hours.  At the end of
24 hours in the test chamber, the muzzle doors of the torpedo tube shall be
liberally sprayed with fresh water having a temperature of plus 32 degrees
F.  At the end of 48 plus or minus 5 hours, the muzzle door assembly shall
be checked for operability and the complete torpedo tube shall be perform-
ance checked.  The temperatures recorded for the torpedoes shall at no the
exceed 37.5C (lOOF) or be less than 0.5C (33eF).
* High temperature and humidity tests. The muzzle door of the
torpedo tube assembly forward of the bulkhead adapter ring shall be placed
within a test chamber and subjected to temperature and humidity cycling as
specified in MIL-STD-81O Method 507, Procedure IV with the following
(a) Referenced measurements of steps 4, 5, 6, and 8 may be deleted.
(b) The torpedo tube assembly shall be performance checked during
the nigh temperature portion of the fifth cycle of step 5 prior to decreasing
tO 30c (86F).
4.5.4 Marine environment
* Marine atmosphere environment test.  The muzzle door forward of
the bulkhead adapter ring shall be exposed at dockside or on the weather
deck of a ship for 60 plus or minus 5 days.  The access covers and muzzle
doors shall be opened for a period of 10 plus or minus 1 days. The assembly
shall be protected from rain or snow by an appropriate shelter that permits
free circulation of air.  At the completion of this test, there shall be
no evidence of corrosion.
* Alternative test for marine atmosphere.  Subject the muzzle
door of the torpedo tube forward of the bulkhead adapter ring to the
Salt Fog test of MIL-STD-81O, Method 509, using a 20 percent salt solution.
The solution shall be prepared by dissolving 20 plus or minus 2 parts by
weight of salt in 80 parts by weight of distilled water.  The solution
shall be adjusted to and maintained at a specific gravity between 1.126
and 1.157.  At the completion of this test there shall be no evidence of

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