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Page Title: Feed box and weirs.
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above the water level. The lower end of the shaft shall be mounted in bearings made of fiber,
rubber, or other suitable material, and shall be lubricated with fresh water under a pressure of not
less than l5 pounds per square inch (psi), or shall be mounted in outboard bearings with a
positive means of excluding water and abrasives to prevent wear and failure of components. Drive gears. The screw shall be driven by hardened steel gears in accordance with
USA Standard B6.6, class 2. The gears shall be mounted on antifriction bearings and enclosed in
an oiltight case.
3.12.2 Feed box and weirs. A steel feed box and adjustable metal weirs shall be provided at
the lower end of the tub to receive material from the discharge chute of the bottom deck of the
vibrating screen. Baffles shall be provided to minimize turbulence.
3.12.3 Dehydrator bearings. Except for the water-lubricated bearings specified in 3.12.1, all
bearings shall be as specified in
3.12.4 Discharge chute. A discharge chute shall be provided at the upper end of the tub.
The height of the chute above ground level shall be as specified in
3.13 Piping equipment. The piping equipment to complete the water-supply system shall
consist of a suction hose with terminal pipe, elbow, riser, foot valve, and strainer; supporting
ponton for connection to the suction flange of and pump conforming to MIL-P-10360; a pressure
pipe line with valves and fittings; and a water-waste flume. Provision shall be made to discharge
waste water on either side of the unit.
3.13.1 Suction hose. The suction hose shall be 6 inches in diameter by 30 feet long,
conforming to ZZ-H-561, grade B, type I, with 6-inch threaded pipe nipples equipped with
flanges for bolting of the pump and terminal pipes vulcanized into each end. A terminal pipe,
6 inches in diameter by 10 feet long, equipped with an elbow and a l-foot-long by
6-inch-diameter riser pipe shall be provided.
3.13.2 Foot valve. A foot valve conforming to MIL-V-16121 shall be mounted on the lower
end of the riser pipe.
3.13.3 Pressure pipe line. The pressure pipe line shall consist of a 6-inch sprial riveted or
welded pipe having a total length of 1,500 feet, made up of pipe sections not to exceed 30 feet in
length, with each section provided with quick-detachable, rubber-gasketed joints. Not less than
two lengths of pipe shall be provided with 6-inch bolted flanges on one end for connection to the

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