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Page Title: Rims and brake drums
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MIL-W-52125B Wheels. The wheels shall be 15-inch, 3- or 6-spoke. Malleable iron wheels shall
be of material conforming to SAE 35018, grade A. Cast steel wheels shall be of material
conforming to SAE 0030. Rim clamps shall be malleable iron conforming to SAE 35018,
grade A. Studs and bolts shall be in accordance with SAE J429, grade 5 or 6, with a minimum
tensile strength of 120,000 psi. Rims and brake drums. The rims shall be size 15 by 7.5, 5-degree, three piece type
for tube-type tires, and shall accommodate the tires specified in Rims shall conform to
the Tire and Rim Association Yearbook. The semitrailer shall be furnished with one spare rim
without tire. The location of the assembly shall permit removal and replacement of a spare tire
by not more than two men. The spare tire and rim assembly shall not come loose, be damaged,
or interfere with any component of the unit during travel or operation. The brake drums shall
have a wearing surface of SAE J431 automotive gray cast iron, SAE G3500 or SAE G4000, and
shall be of the anti-bell mouth type. The braking surface shall be compatible with the brake
lining specified in 3.14.5. Tires and tubes. The tires shall be in accordance with MS35390-47, 11.00 by 15,
16-ply rating, and shall conform to MIL-T-12459. The tires shall be free of major defects when
examined in accordance with MIL-STD-1224. The inner tubes shall be in accordance with
MS35392-26. Valve caps shall be of metal and shall be equipped with elastomer inner seals. Balancing. Brake drums, hubs, and tire and wheel assemblies shall be inherently in
balance to preclude excessive tire wear and eliminate wheel tramp and drumming at the road
speeds specified herein.
3.14.4 Chock blocks. Two wood or commercial metal chock blocks with captive chains and
two wire cradles shall be furnished. The captive chain shall be wound in a figure-eight manner
around the cradle ears and the hook snapped to the lower cradle loop. The length of the captive
chain shall permit the chock blocks to be placed ahead of or behind the semitrailer tires. The
chock blocks shall be of a minimum size as shown on figure 1 and shall withstand the imposed
forces of being run over by the semitrailer. The cradles shall conform to figure 2. Installation of
the cradles shall be with the two cradle ears uppermost and the short loops fastened to an
approximately vertical, flat surface.
3.14.5 Brake system. The unit shall be equipped with a waterproof, straight air brake system
in accordance with ICC Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, sections 193.40 through 193.43 and
193.45 through 193.50, except as otherwise specified herein. The brake system shall include

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