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Page Title: Supplier furnished dolly.
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steel ball-bearing caps. The base of the jacks shall be fully enclosed. Detachable pads shall be
furnished. Each jack pad shall have sufficient area to reduce ground pressure to less than
100 psi. Provisions shall be made for stowing the pads in the toolbox. The four stabilizing jacks
shall fold and be secured for travel. The semitrailer landing gear shall be of the two-speed,
telescopic, nonrotating leg type, with mud pads. The landing gear shall be in accordance with
the TTMA Recommended Practice RP 4-1-4. Military truck-tractor compatibility for RP 4-1-4
shall be as specified in 3.1.2 (i) for 5-ton M52 and with step extensions installed for the 10-ton
M123. Extensions shall be stored on the unit when not in use. Supports for the crank extension
shaft and clips to hold the crank in travel position shall be provided. The landing gear shall be
protected to preclude the entrance of foreign matter which would impair its functioning or
mechanical efficiency. The landing gear shall withstand, without deformation, the combined
static and dynamic forces due to its proportion of the total weight imposed and the forces from
impact during coupling and uncoupling operations with the emergency breakaway brakes
actuated and chock blocks in place.
3.15 Dolly. The dolly shall be furnished by the supplier or will be furnished by the
Government as specified (see 6.2).
3.15.1 Government furnished dolly. When the dolly is Government furnished it will be a
4-wheel, 15-ton, M354 dolly conforming to MS500081 (see 6.4).
3.15.2 Supplier furnished dolly. Fifth wheel. A (fixed) lower fifth wheel similar to MS53034 and compatible with
the SAE J848 kingpin, shall be furnished. The height of the fifth wheel with semitrailer loaded
shall be 58 inches plus or minus 2 inches. Oscillation shall be permitted in a transverse direction
only. Lunette and towbar. A lunette in accordance with MS51337 shall be installed in a
housing integral with the towbar. The housing shall support the lunette the entire length of the
shank. The clearance between the shank and support shall be not greater than 0.035 inch. When
the dolly is in towing position, the height of the lunette shall provide compatability with pintles
conforming to SAE J849 for Doubles trailer except the pintle height shall be 31 through
37 inches from level ground. The center of the lunette and the centerline of the towbar shall be
located within 1/8 inch of the longitudinal centerline of the dolly. The towbar shall be hinged.
When the dolly is loaded and the towbar is not locked rigid, the hinge shall permit the lunette to
lower without additional load. The towbar shall be of the rigid "A" frame type. When coupled
to the semitrailer, the dolly shall turn not less than 110 degrees both to the right and to the left of

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