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Page Title: Safety chains
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on the airbrake coupling hose ends. Forward, intervehicular connections shall be routed so that
dropping of the tail gates of the military dump and cargo trucks shall not cause damage. Safety chains. Two safety chains fitted with grab hooks shall be furnished. The
safety chains shall extend 36 to 42 inches beyond the center of the drawbar lunette eye. The
safety chains shall be in accordance with ICC Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, except that the
safety-chain hooks shall fit the shackles and attachments of the towing vehicles and of the
semitrailer (see
3.16 Auxiliary components. Access ladders, platforms, and handholds shall be provided to
permit servicing and inspection of all components.
3.17 Transportability. The unit shall withstand impact forces encountered in vehicular, rail,
and air transport as specified herein without damage or permanent deformation.
3.17.1 Vehicle mobility. The unit shall meet the performance characteristics when coupled
to its dolly converter and towed by a prime mover, such as the 5-ton, 6 x 6, M51 dump truck
shown on MS500010 or crawler tractor(s), and when directly coupled as a semitrailer to a 5-ton,
6 x 6, M52 truck-tractor shown on MS500008 and to a 10-ton, 6 x 6, M123 truck-tractor shown
on MS500070. The vehicle mobility requirements specified in 3.17.1 through shall
apply when the height of the unit has been reduced for highway transport as specified in 3.1.2. Highway operation. The unit shall travel over smooth, hard-surfaced primary
highways at speeds up to 30 mph. Cross-country operation. The unit shall negotiate unimproved roads and open,
rolling, and hilly cross-country terrain at speeds up to 10 mph. The unit shall traverse grades up
to 40 percent; mud, sand, and snow; and transport incident to intended operation sites, when
towed by crawler tractor(s). Without prior preparation, the unit shall ford hard-bottomed bodies
of water up to 30 inches in depth without damage or adverse effects because of immersion. Trailing and turning ability. The unit shall trail the towing vehicle without
weaving or sidesway. The unit shall follow the truck-tractor without exceeding 75 percent of the
ICC tracking deviation, as specified in 193.70 of the ICC Regulations, when towed over a paved
surface. Jackknife turns up to an angle of 90 degrees for truck-tractor semitrailer combination

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