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Page Title: Contractor designs
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MIL-W-60425 (MU)
"MU") non-mandatory (indicated by drawing or Federal Stock
Number). When an inspection equipment list references manda-
tory Army designs, the contractor shall comply with, and use
these designs accordingly. The contractor may, however, in
connection with non-mandatory designs, and with the approval
of the Government, design alternate inspection equipment or
use comparable commercial equipment to facilitate his opera-
tions. Such contractor prepared designs or commercial equip-
ment selections must be approved by the Government prior to
fabrication or procuring of the equipment. Designs shall be
submitted for approval as specified in 6.3.5
6.3.4  Contractor designs. - Contractor designs are designs
of inspection equipment for which the Government has assigned
design responsibility to the contractor. Contractor designs
shall be supported by detailed drawings which depict all infor-
mation necessary to completely fabricate, calibrate and operate
an item of inspection equipment. This requires that the neces-
sary views, dimensions, materials, finish, notes, operating
and calibration instructions be properly depicted in accordance
with approved practices to the extent that further calculation
or clarification will not be required. Unless otherwise speci-
fied, contractor designs may be developed on the format the
contractor normally employs in his equipment design procedure
provided such format reflects the detail and information speci-
fied above, subject to the following controls: All submitted
contractor designs shall conform to MIL-D-1000, Category E,
Form 2. Legibility and reproducibility shall permit conven-
tional making of clearly understandable, high contrast repro-
ductions. Contractors shall submit one copy of final designs
as a rolled set. Designs shall be submitted for approval as
specified in 6.3.5.
6.3.5  Submission of contractor designs. - All submitted
designs shall contain a reference to the applicable five digit
Code Number contained In Section 4 of this specification. Unless
otherwise specified on the EL, all designs of equipment for in-
spection of defects classified as critical and major shall be
submitted for approval to the Commanding Officer, Picatinny Ar-
senal, ATTN: SMUPA-ND9. All other designs of inspection equip-
ment shall be approved by the inspection element of the agency
administering the contract; submission shall be as directed by
the contracting officer. Partial submission of inspection equip-
ment designs is permissible and encouraged. However, the Arsenal
completion date for design review will be based on the date of the
final submission of designs. Picatinny Arsenal design review
will be accomplished normally within one month after receipt.

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