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Page Title: Alternate inspection provisions.
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applicable drawingj special packnging instruction, and specification requirements using, as
a minimum, the conformance criteria specified herein.
4.1.3 Alternaate inspection provisions. Alternate inspection procedures, methods, or
equipment, such as statistical process control, tool control, and other types of sampling
procedures may be used by the contractor when they provide, as a minimum, the level of
quality assurance required by the inspection provisions specified herein. Prior to applying
such alternate procedures, methods, or equipment, the contractor shall describe them in a
written proposal submitted to the Government for evaluation and approval (see 6.3). When
required, the contractor shrill demonstrate that the effectiveness of each proposed alternate
is equal to or better than the quality assurance provisions specified herein. In cases of
dispute as to whether the contractor's proposed alternate provides equal quality assurance,
the provisions of this specification shall apply. All approved alternate inspection provisions
shall be specifically incorporated into the contractor's quality program or detailed inspec-
tion system, as applicable.
4.2 Classification of inspections. The inspection requirements specified herein are
classified as follows:
(a) First article inspection (see 4.3)
(b) Qualify conformance inspection (see 4.4)
4.3 First article inspection.
4.3.1 Sample. The first article sample shall. consist of five arming/firing units manufac-
tured using the same methods, materials, equipment, and processes as will be used during
regular production. However, when packaging other than for interplant shipment is required
by the contract, the first article sample shall consist of five packaged arming/firing units
and five empty barrier bags. The first article sample shall be submitted for inspection and
approval in accordance with the terms of the contract.
4.3.2 Inspections to be performed. AS determined by the Government, the sample first
article items may be subjected to any or all of the examinations and tests in this specifica-
tion and be inspected for compliance with any or all of the requirements of the applicable
drawings and special packaging instructions.
4.3.3 Rejection criteria. If any first article sample item fails to comply with any of the
applicable requirements, the first article sample shall be rejected, The Government reserves
the right to terminate inspection upon any failure to comply with any of the requirements.
the contractor shall obtain written approval from the contracting activity prior to proceed-
ing with regular production.

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