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Page Title: Leveling mechanism
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(d) Have a down pressure of not less than 6,000 pounds.
(e) Have an up pressure of not less than 5,000 pounds.
(f) The Type II auger shall bore holes up to a diameter
of 56 inches and to a depth of 10 feet in all types of soil.
Depth of holes specified in (a), (b), and (f) above shall be measured from
the ground level to the top of the loose dirt at the bottom of the hole.
3.6.2 Leveling mechanism.  The boring assembly shall be equipped with a
leveling device to permit the setting of the auger bar in a vertical position.
The leveling mechanism shall be hydraulically operated. Leveling devices shall
erect the auger bar to the operating position and lower it to the travel
3.6.3 Auger bar.  The auger bar shall be housed in a steel tube covered at
the top.  The bar shall be straight within 1/8 inch for each 5 feet of length.
A sheave shall be mounted at the top of the auger bar housing or boom for use in
3.6.4 Auger bits and teeth.  Augers shall be of the double cutting type
equipped with removable tungsten carbide teeth and pilot bits.  One extra set of
tungsten carbide teeth and pilot bits and two sets of dirt teeth and pilot bits
shall be furnished with each size auger bit specified herein.  Dirt teeth and
pilot bits shall be alloy steel forgings, heat treated to a hardness of not less
than 45 on the Rockwell C scale.  Removal and replacement of teeth shall be
accomplished using common handtools.  Teeth shall be secured to the augers by a
positive means which shall prevent detachment of the teeth from the augers while
the auger bar is:
Rotating clockwise.
Rotating counterclockwise.
One each of the following sizes of auger bits shall be furnished with each
auger:  9-inch, 12-inch, 16-inch, and 24-inch. When specified (see 6.2), a'
24-inch belling tool shall be furnished.
3.6.5 Controls.  The auger shall be provided with the necessary means of
control.  Controls shall include but not be limited to an auger bar control,
hand-feed lever, and emergency stop button.  The auger bar control shall remain
in a neutral position until pressure is applied to the lever.  Positive dis-
connection of the hand-feed lever shall be provided by use of springs or other
mechanical devices.  An emergency stop button for stopping the engine shall be
provided.  All controls and the stop button shall be in accordance with SAE
J833, J898, J899, and J925, shall be placed within reach of the operator, and
shall permit a clear view of the boring operation.  An identification plate
shall be located on or adjacent to each control to indicate the function. The
neutral and operating positions shall be shown by arrows and words.  When the
same lever or control serves more than one function, all functions shall be

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