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Page Title: Initial production
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uction methods will produce augers that comply with the requirements of this
specification.  Examination and tests shall be as specified in Section 4 and
unless otherwise specified herein, all examinations and tests shall be conducted
by the contractor subject to surveillance and approval by the Government (see
6.3).  When specified (see 6.2), the Government will conduct any or all of the
preproduction examination and tests, as specified (see 6.2).
3.3 Initial production.  When specified (see 6.2), the contractor shall
furnish to the Government one or more augers for testing as specified in 4.4.
3.4 Material.  Material shall be as specified herein. Material not specified
shall be selected by the contractor and shall be subject to all provisions of
this specification (see 6.12).
3.5 Safety. All belts, gears, shafts, pulleys, sprockets, spindles, drums,
flywheels, chains, and other reciprocating, rotating, or moving parts of equip
ment shall be guarded when such parts are exposed to contact by personnel or
otherwise create a hazard.  All hot surfaces of equipment, including exhaust
pipes and other lines which may be subject to high temperatures, exposed to
contact by personnel or which create a fire hazard shall be fully guarded or
insulated,  Fuel tanks shall be located in a manner which will not allow spills
or overflows to run onto engine, exhaust, or electrical equipment.  Exhaust or
discharges from equipment shall be directed so that they do not endanger
personnel or obstruct the view of the operator.  All points requiring lubrica-
ion during operation' shall have fittings located or guarded to as to be
accessible without hazardous exposure to personnel performing these operations.
Electrical equipment shall be effectively guarded and grounded to protect all
persons and objects from electrical shock hazard.  Nonfunctional sharp edges,
projecting points, and excessive length of fastening devices shall be avoided.
3.6 Boring assembly.
When truck mounted, the augers shall:
3.6.1 Boring in unfrozen soil.
(a) Bore holes 9 to 24 inches in diameter to a depth of 9 feet in
all types of soil.
(b) Bore vertical holes 5 feet deep at an average rate of 85 seconds
per hole when a 16-inch auger bit is used in a soil which is
well-compacted, coarse-grained, well-graded, gravel-sand-clay
mixture with an excellent binder and medium-to-high dry strength
(see 6.4).
(c) Bore holes within the following limits:
(1) From verical to 60 degrees away from truck.
(2) From vertical to 10 degrees toward the truck.
(3) From vertical to 23 degrees to the right and
from vertical to 30 degrees to the left of
the truck.

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