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Page Title: Shipping data plates
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3.13.1 Shipping data plates.  A shipping data plate conforming to MIL-P-514,
type II, composition C, of type I, grade A, class 1 material shall be provided.
The plate shall also show the silhouette of the auger in transport position
indicating the center of gravity and the location and capacity of the lifting
and the tiedown provisions.  The plates shall be attached by screws, bolts, or
rivets in a conspicuous protected location.
3.13.2 Instruction plates.  Instruction plates shall be furnished and shall
conform to MIL-P-514, type 111, composition C, of type I, grade A, class 1
material, dimensions to suit the application.  These plates shall indicate
sequence for start up, shut down, and normal operation; and all inherent dangers
which can stem from unsafe operation or an unsafe operating position.  Where
applicable the words "Warning" or "Caution" shall appear and shall be red. The
shade of red shall conform to FED-STD-595 No. 31136.
3.13.3 Name plate.  When specified (see 6.2), a name plate shall be furnished
by the contracting officer for each unit.  The contractor shall stamp all
necessary data in the blank spaces provided for that purpose and securely affix
it to each unit in a conspicuous place with brass screws or bolts not less than
l/8-inch in diameter.  The applicable nomenclature, as specified by the
procuring activity (see 6.2), shall be placed. in the top blank.
3.14 Treatment and painting.  Unless otherwise specified herein, the portions
of the auger normally painted shall be cleaned, treated, and painted in
accordance with MIL-T-704, type A, color as specified (see 6.2).
3.14.1  Optional treatment and painting.  When specified (see 6.2), treatment
and painting shall be in accordance with the contractor standard commercial
3.15 Toolbox.  The auger shall be provided with a toolbox made of metal not
less than U.S. standard gage No. 14 (0.0747 inch thick) and of sufficient size
to accommodate the operating and maintenance tools normally furnished with the
auger.  The toolbox shall have a continuous hinged lid and two fasteners to
secure the lid.  The toolbox shall be securely fastened to the auger in a
protected position located so that the lid can be opened more than 90 degrees
from the closed position.  A hasp that will accommodate a padlock that has
3/8-inch-diameter shackle shall be provided for the toolbox lid. The toolbox
shall shed water and have provision for draining.
3.16 Maintainability.  The auger shall operate as specified without
maintenance other than the contractor recommended schedule of adjustments as
established by a maintenance schedule submitted by the contractor prior to tests
All major assemblies shall be accessible for servicing, repair, and replacement
without the removal of other major assemblies.  Maximum use shall be made of
interchangeable hardware and fasteners.  All maintenance, assembly, or
disassembly operations shall be accomplished with common handtools and those
special tools furnished with the auger.
3.16.1 Filling, draining, and checking provisions.  The hydraulic-system
reservoir and transmission housings shall be equipped with dipsticks to

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