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Page Title: Mounting of the moldboard extentions
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Materials deterioration prevention and control
Blade, Mine Clearing
Reliability and maintainability

3.6 Safety. All exposed parts that are subject to high operating temperatures or that are energized
electrically shall be insulated, fully enclosed, or guarded. Requirements of MIL-STD-882 and
MIL-STD-454 requirement 1 shall apply, (see table I, examination schedule).
3.6.1 Cautions and warnings. Caution and warning markings as required in system drawings shall be
clearly stenciled on Ml MCBS to ensure maximum awareness of potential hazard, (see table I, examination
3.7 Human factors engineering. The M1 MCBS shall conform to human factors engineering design
criteria as described in MIL-STD-1472. Special design emphasis shall be given, but not limited to
paragraph 4 (General requirements), 5.5 (Labeling), 5.6 (Anthropametry), 5.9 (Design for Maintainability),
and 5.13 (Hazards and Safety) of MIL-STD-1472, as applicable.
3.8 Mounting requirements.
3.8.1 Mounting. The Ml MCBS shall be mounted on the M1 series MBT by four personnel in less
than an hour with the assistance of a lifting device. No modifications to the M1 series tank are permitted
for MCBS installation. The power cable shall be of sufficient length to permit full unrestricted opening of
the driver's batch with the power cable connected to the M1 series MBT NATO receptacle and the MCBS
control box, (i.e. power cable installed), (see 4.7.2). Mounting of the moldboard extentions. All moldboard extensions shall be assembled in less
than five minutes, (see
3.9 Interface requirements.
3.9.1 Moldboards. When in the travel mode, M1 MCBS shall not restrict the full operation of the M1
series tank's main gun system in its lower depression angle, (see
3.9.2 Main electrical harness and control box interface. When mounted, the interface between the rain
electrical harness and control box and the M1 series MBT shall be sealed to conform to the water fording
and the Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) requirements of the Ml series MBT. The crew
compartment pressure shall be maintained at 3.7 in (9 cm) of water, (see
3.10 Operational requirements.
3.10.1 Lifting and lowering mechanism. The total time required to raise both, right and left,
moldboard assemblies from, the plowing to the travel position shall not exceed 20 seconds once the
operator activates the electrical mechanism. The total time to drop both moldboard assemblies shall not be
less than 10 seconds once the operator activates the electrical mechanism, (see 3.10.1 and 4.7.7).
3.10.2 Emergency release system. The driver shall be able to release each moldboard using the
emergency release cables while inside the driver's compartment, (see 4.7.3). The force required for the
operator to operate the emergency release cables shall not exceed MIL-STD-1472, limits
per 3.7 herein.

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