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Page Title: Warning plates.
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without permanent deformation or breakage. Attachments shall be beveled to prevent cutting of
tiedown material. Tiedown attachments may also be used as lifting attachments when such
attachments meet the requirements specified in 3.22.
3.24 Identification marking. The crusher shall be identified in accordance with
MIL-STD-130. The marking shall be applied to the crusher on identification plates conforming
to MIL-P-514, type I, style 1, composition C of type I, grade A, class 1 material. The location of
lifting and tiedown attachments and recommended lifting and tiedown arrangements shall be
included on these plates.
3.24.1 Instruction plates. Instruction plates shall be furnished and shall conform to
MIL-P-514, type III, composition C, of type I, grade A, class 1 material, dimensions to suit the
application. These plates shall indicate sequence for start up, shut down, and normal operation;
production capacity, and all inherent dangers which can stem from unsafe operation or an unsafe
operating position. All plates shall be securely attached to the crusher with machine screws,
bolts and nuts, or rivets. Warning plates. The following warning plates shall be furnished:
(a) A plate placed on the outside of the distribution panel (see, near main
power inlet, with the following wording: "Warning. Install a ground rod and lead
by bolting ground wire to grounding stud on crusher frame before this crusher is
operated. A ground rod and lead should also be installed at power source
(b) A plate placed adjacent to grounding stud or bolt (see with the following
wording: "Attach ground wire here."
(c) One plate located in a conspicuous place on the dolly having the following wording:
"Warning. Do not connect this dolly to any semitrailer unless a 3-1/2-inch throat
diameter kingpin is in place on the semitrailer."
(d) Warning plate specified in 3.13.12. Wiring diagram. A plate containing a schematic operation wiring diagram of the
high voltage system shall be mounted near the operator's position. The diagram shall show the
physical location of all wiring interconnections in the same relationship as when they are
installed. Identification marking of wires, instruments, control devices, and connections shall be
shown and shall coincide with markings on the items installed. Low voltage vehicular wiring
schematic shall not be included on this plate. Production capacity plate. A production capacity plate similar to Figure 7 shall be
provided. Capacity figures for the crusher shall be included on the plate.

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