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Page Title: Vehicle marking
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3.24.2 Shipping data plate. Shipping data plate shall conform to MIL-P-514, type III,
composition C, of type I, grade A, class I material and in addition, shall show the silhouette of
the crusher in transport position indicating the center of gravity and the location and capacity of
the lifting and the tiedown attachments. The plates shall be attached by screws, bolts, or rivets in
a conspicuous protected location.
3.25 Treatment and painting. The crusher, components, and parts normally painted shall be
cleaned, treated, and painted in accordance with MIL-T-704, Type A, color as specified.
3.26 Vehicle marking. The marking of the semitrailer shall be in accordance with
MIL-STD-642. The GVW of the crusher and the weight of each sectionalized component shall
be marked on the side in such a manner as to be discernible. The prescribed tire pressure shall be
marked near the tires. Lifting and tiedown attachments shall be marked "LIFT HERE" or
"TIEDOWN HERE", as applicable. Marking of lifting and tiedown attachments for sections
shall include the word: "SECTIONALIZATION".
3.27 Technical publiclications to accompany the crusher. Such technical publications as are
specified shall be furnished.
3.28 Repair parts and maintenance tools. Such repair parts and maintenance tools as are
specified shall be furnished.
3.29 Toolbox. The crusher shall be provided with one or more weatherproof toolboxes
made of steel. The toolbox lid shall be mounted with a piano-type hinge with a
0.125-inch-diameter brass pin. The toolbox lid shall open to at least 90 degrees from the closed
position. The lid shall remain in the fully open position either by its own weight or by detent
holding devices. Two tension-type fasteners with strikers shall be provided to retain the lid in the
closed position. The fasteners and strikers shall be attached to the toolbox by either bolts or
rivets. A hasp which will accommodate a lock shall be provided for locking the toolbox. The
toolbox shall be fastened to the crusher in a protected position and the top of the box shall be not
more than 4 feet from the ground. A drain hole with rubber plug shall be provided in the bottom
of the toolbox. The toolbox shall be of a size to hold the emblem and blade (see 3.6), the ground
rods (see, the jack pads (see 3.14.7), and the tools specified (see 3.28). The toolbox
shall be marked to indicate the items it contains.
3.30 Items to be furnished with the crusher. No shipment of crushers shall be made unless
repair parts, maintenance tools, and technical publications are included with the shipment or
unless approval for shipment of the crushers without such items has been received from the
contracting officer.

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