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Page Title: Sectionalization and disassembly
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5.2 Preservation. Preservation shall be level A, level B, or level C, as specified (see 6.2).
5.2.1 Level A. Sectionalization and disassembly. The crusher shall be sectionalized to meet the
applicable requirements of 3.17.2 or 3.17.3, as applicable. In addition, components of the
crusher and sections vulnerable to damage, pilferage, and loss, and protruding parts that increase
cubage and that can be removed and reassembled without special tools or skills shall be
removed. Clusters of lights shall be removed and placed in the toolbox. Bolts, nuts, pins, and
washers removed shall be replaced in one of the mating parts and secured to prevent their loss.
Keys removed shall be secured in the keyway of the pulley or flywheel. Matchmarking. To facilitate reassembly, components and sections removed shall be
matchmarked. Large sections and components shall be matchmarked identically by stencilled
letters or numerals with lusterless white enamel, overcoated with varnish conforming to
TT-V-121 or identically matchmarked with paint conforming to MIL-P-13983. Small
components removed shall have matchmarking information on cloth tags conforming to
UU-T-81 or on metal tags. The information on the tags shall be applied with waterproof ink.
The tags shall be securely attached to the components so as to prevent damage to the
preservation or to the components. Preservatives. Preservatives specified herein shall conform to the applicable
specifications listed in and shall be applied in accordance with MIL-P-116. Unprotected surfaces. Unfinished surfaces. Unpainted exterior metal surfaces of components of the
crusher such as hoppers, chutes, feeders, crusher frame, jaw and cheek plates, pitman, flywhee1s,
toggle plates, adjusting mechanisms, rods, screws, nuts, bolts, clevises, nonprecision chains,
conveyor rolls, sprockets, pulleys, ratchets, linkages, chock blocks, safety chains, coupling pins,
towing hooks, and any other surface exposed by sectionalization or disassembly, and any other
similar unpainted exterior metal surface not definitely specified herein requiring the application
of a contact preservative in accordance with MIL-P-116 shall be coated with type P-l
preservative. Machined surfaces. Exposed exterior machined surfaces shall be coated with type
P-6 or P-11 preservative. The coated surfaces shall be wrapped or covered with barrier material
conforming to MIL-B-121, type I, grade A, class 2 and secured in place with tape conforming to
PPP-T-60, type IV. Semitrailer and dolly components. The components of the semitrailer and dolly shall
be preserved in accordance with the level A (mobile) preservation and packaging requirements
of MIL-STD-281.

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