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Page Title: Electrical component openings.
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MIL-C-52128C Consolidation. Loose components requiring the protection of a container shall be
consolidated in close-fitting boxes conforming to PPP-B-60l, Overseas Type, style optional, or
PPP-B-62l, class 2, style optional. Box closure shall be in accordance with the appendix to the
applicable box specification. Strapping shall not be required.
5.2.2 Level B. The complete crusher shall be preserved as specified for level A, with the
following exceptions. Semitrailer components. The components of the semitrailer and dolly shall be
preserved and packaged in accordance with MIL-STD-281, level B (mobile). Clutch. The clutch shall be completely disengaged. Coating of interior costs of the
clutch with primer shall not be required. Electrical component openings. Openings into electrical components specified in shall not require sealing with tape. Exposed chains. Exposed drive chains shall be preserved as specified for level A,
except only type P-3 or P-9 preservative shall be applied. Drive belts. Drive belts shall be released from tension. Conveyor belt fasteners. Belt fasteners are not required to be coated with varnish. Consolidation. Consolidation shall be as specified for level A, except boxes shall be
Domestic type or class as applicable.
5.2.3 Level C. Each complete crusher with repair parts, tools, and publications shall be
preserved in accordance with MIL-STD-1188 and the following specific requirements. The
engine crankcase and all lubricant reservoirs shall be filled to operating level with the lubricant
recommended for operation. The cooling system shall be filled with a fresh, clean solution of
50 percent water and 50 percent antifreeze conforming to MIL-A-46153.
5.3 Packing. Packing shall be level A or C as specified.
5.3.1 Level A. The basic crusher shall be prepared for mobile shipment. The toolbox lid
shall be closed and secured to prevent pilferage. When sufficient space is available, components
and sections shall be placed and secured on the crusher in any available space that will not
interfere with lifting or mobility. The components shall be secured to the crusher with
zinc-coated strapping conforming to QQ-S-78l. Components and sections that cannot be secured
to the crusher shall be packed in crates conforming to MIL-C-52950 or MIL-C-3774, nailed
assembly, skid-type base. Blocking, bracing, and anchoring shall be in accordance with the
appendix to the applicable crate specification and with MIL-STD-1186. Crated components
shall be shipped at the same time as the mobile basic crusher.

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