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Page Title: Aluminum and steel fabrication.
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Engine sound level requirement
Chassis, Trailer, Single and Multi - Axle General Specification
Welders and welding.

vehicle classification kit, in accordance with MIL-S-40626, shall be furnished on each vehicle,
with the trailer vehicle class displayed for GVWR or actual loaded equipment GVW, in a
location approved by the contracting officer.
3.24 Toolbox. Each trailer chassis shall be equipped with a weatherproof toolbox on the
equipment. The toolbox shall be metal or fiberglass and shall accommodate all cables,
components, and tools required for maintenance and operation of the equipment. The lid shall be
secured by a continuous hinge having a minimum 1/4-inch brass or stainless steel pin extending
the full length of the lid. Two tension-type fasteners with strikers shall be provided to retain the
lid in the closed position. A hasp shall be fastened to the lid to lock the toolbox. The hasp shall
accommodate a padlock having a minimum 3/8-inch shackle. The fasteners, strikers, and hasp
shall be attached to the toolbox by either bolts or rivets. When closed, the lid shall prevent rain
and dirt from entering the toolbox. The lid shall open through on arc of at least 90 degrees and
shall remain open by its own weight or by holding devices. At least 2-each drain holes with
elastomer plugs shall be provided in the bottom of the toolbox.
3.25 Workmanship. Defective parts and assemblies which have been repaired or modified to
overcome deficiencies shall not be furnished. All workmanship on the equipment shall be in
accordance with the engineering and production standards of the heavy, farm and construction
equipment trailer industry. The equipment shall withstand the operation specified herein without
permanent deformation, breakage of connections, malfuncion, or component interference caused
by incorrect workmanship. All parts of the equipment, before and after painting, shall be clean
and free from sand, dirt, fins, pits, sprues, scale, flux, and other harmful extraneous material.
Edges and surfaces exposed to personnel shall be smooth and rounded to the extent that a
hazardous surface does not exist.
3.25.1 Fabrication. Aluminum and steel fabrication. Aluminum and steel shall provide original quality
surface finish and shall be free from kinks and sharp bends. Aluminum and steel having eroded
surface is not acceptable. The forming of the material shall be done by methods that will not
cause damage to the metal. Shearing, punching, and chipping shall be done uniformly, neatly,
and accurately. Corners shall be square and true, and all sharp edges and burrs shall be removed.
The burned surfaces of flame-cut material shall be free of burrs, slag, and sharp edges.
Precautions shall be taken to avoid overheating of metal. Heated metal shall be allowed to cool
slowly, except where heat treatment is required. All bends shall be made with precise,
unyielding dies or jig fixtures to insure uniformity of size and shape. Fiberglass fabrication. Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) shall be smooth surfaced
and free from bubbles, glazing cracks, and discontinuities and shall have a uniform FRP
thickness. All edges and openings of FRP shall be completely sealed to prevent water intrusion.
The FRP shall be free of parting agents which impair paint adhesion. Welding, bonding,
connections, and fabrication of the FRP shall be in accordance with the recommended methods
of the manufacturer of the material for this application.

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