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Page Title: Welders and welding.
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Aluminum and steel fabrication.
Chassis, Trailer, Single and Multi - Axle General Specification
Critical bolted connections.

3.25.2 Welders and welding. Welders. Before assigning any welder to manual welding work covered by this
specification, the contractor shall provide the contracting officer with certification that the
welder has passed qualification tests as prescribed by any of the following listed codes for the
type of welding operation to be performed and that such qualification is effective as defined by
the particular code:
AWS D1.1, Structural Welding Code, Section 5, Qualification.
ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Section IX, Welding Qualifications.
An equal welder qualification program, subject to Government approval. Metal welding. Welding shall be in accordance with the AWS and ASME codes,
the American Welding Society's Welding Handbook, and as specified herein. Welds shall
provide the maximum notch toughness and fatigue strength with a minimum of residual stresses.
All welds made on high stress members shall be made from core or heavy-coated electrodes, gas
shielded, or submerged arc. Electroslag, and electrogas processes, when available, shall be
included for use on heavy sections, 1 inch or more in thickness. Fillet welds shall be provided,
when necessary, to reduce stress concentrations. The surfaces to be welded shall be free from
scale, paint, grease, and other foreign matter. When multiple layers of weld metal are required,
each layer, or each layer after the third pass with multipass welding process, shall be throroughly
cleaned before depositing another layer. All welded parts and assemblies shall be free from
cracks and other imperfections that may reduce the effectiveness of the parts or assembly. After
welding, all weldments shall be free from slag (except mill scale), flux, weld spatter, and other
factors which affect the quality of the weld. Except for vertical welding of the electroslag
process, the work shall be positioned for flat welding whenever practicable. No undercuts or
overlays will be permitted on any weldment. Where different metals are welded to each other,
filler metal having strength of the lower strength materials shall be used. When the same metals,
or metals having similar properties are used, the deposited filler metal shall develop the full
design strength of the particular weld joint or weldment. Mechanical properties of all welds shall
be such that welds will transmit stress without failure or permanent deformation when subjected
to any test specified in this specification. Weld joints exceeding 50,000 psi shall be inspected for
soundness. Aluminum welding. Aluminum welding shall be accomplished by the
gas-metal-arc or the gas-tungsten-arc method or any other method that will provide equivalent
mechanical properties of the filler metal to base metal combinations. When machines are
available, all aluminum welds shall be made by automatic machines. All welds shall be made at
a uniform rate of speed. Complete and uniform penetration and fusion of the metals shall be
obtained on all welds. Aluminum welds may be ground, filed, wire brushed or chipped;
hammered welds shall not be acceptable. Preheating for welding is permissible, providing the

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