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Page Title: Dissimilar metals.
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Weights and dimensions.
Distributor, Water, Semitrailer Mounted, 6000 Gallon
Recovered materials.

3.4.4 Environmental conditions. The distributor shall be capable of functioning as a water
distributor in temperatures from +40 F to 120 F.
3.4.5 Stability. The distributor shall be capable of negotiating in both directions at least a
10 percent side slope when empty and full.
3.4.6 Fording. The distributor shall start and operate during and after fording operation in
fresh water to a depth of 30 inches without damage and without leakage of water into any
reservoir including reservoirs containing lubricants.
3.4.7 Maintenance. Maintainability. All major assemblies and installed attachments shall be accessible for
maintenance, repair, and replacement with minimum removal of other major assemblies and
installed attachments. Covers or plates which must be removed for component adjustment or
maintenance shall be equipped with quick-disconnect fastenings. Drain outlets shall be accessible.
Ease of maintenance provisions shall incorporate features insuring operating clearances for
handtools and lubricating equipment, and the accessibility for service operations such as adding oil
to the engine crankcase and adding oil to gear cases. Each maintenance, assembly, or disassembly
operation required during testing in accordance with 4.2 shall be accomplished by no more than
two men (except a hoist and operator may be used as necessary) using general purpose tools
normally associated with equipment of this nature. After completion of any maintenance
operation, the distributor shall operate as specified herein. Interchangeability. All parts having the same part number shall be functionally and
dimensionally interchangeable. Common hardware and fastening devices such as bolts, nuts,
screws, and washers shall be held to a minimum number of types and sizes. All screw threads
shall be in accordance with FED-STD-H28.
3.5 Material deterioration and control. The distributor shall be fabricated from compatible
materials, inherently corrosion resistant or treated to be resistant to the various forms of corrosion
and deterioration that may be encountered in any of the applicable storage and operating
environment to which the item may be exposed.
3.5.1 Dissimilar metals. Dissimilar metals as defined in MIL-STD-889 shall be electrically
insulated from one another to minimize or prevent galvanic corrosion. Insulation may be
provided by a barrier such as a coat of epoxy primer conforming to MIL-P-23377, or corrosion
inhibiting sealant conforming to MIL-S-81733 or chromate tape conforming to MIL-G-20241.
3.5.2 Identification of materials and finishes. The contractor shall identify the specific
material, material finish or treatment for use with components or sub-components, and shall make
information available, upon request, to the contracting officer or designated representative.

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