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Page Title: Warpage and Fit Test
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Detents - Each launcher shall be checked to insure that each detent
projects into tube the required amount per and Detent Release per
Ignition System - Continuity of the electrical circuits comprising
the ignition system shall be checked on each unit manufactured (
Resistance readings shall conform to the values specified, ( The
grounding circuit resistance through the rocket detents shall also be checked
( A simulated firing shall be performed with the results as specified
Functional Tests
Warpage and Fit Test - Each tube of each launcher shall be checked to
assure that the rockets may be inserted without using force,  The fit shall be
free running per paragraph
Rough Handling Tests - The launcher package shall be loaded with
nineteen 2.75 inch FFAR rockets and assembled as specified for the Shipping
Configuration. (See 1.1).  The loaded launcher package shall be dropped four
times onto a solid concrete surface, falling freely through a vertical distance
of 30 ± 1 inches and striking at an angle of 45 degrees (± 1 degree) on the flats
of the end pans.  The forward end of the launcher is to strike the concrete
first on two of the drops (180 degrees between impact points on each drop); the
aft end of the package is to strike the concrete first on the other two drops
(180 degrees between impact points of each drop). The rocket launcher package
must survive the rough handling tests sustaining only superficial damage.  The
shipping pan assemblies must remain tightly attached to the center section
throughout the tests.
Pressure Retention Test - A suitable air connection shall be installed
in the face of the test launcher shipping end. The launcher shall be immersed
in water, not less than one inch or more than two inches, and air shall be
introduced to produce an internal pressure of 5 psig for 30 seconds. Evidence
of air leakage by escaping air shall be cause for rejection.
Environmental Tests
Moisture Penetration - An approximate one pound bag of completely
reactivated desiccant shall be placed in a launcher in the Shipping Configuration.
The launcher shall be conditioned for twenty four (24) hours at thirty eight
(38) degrees plus or minus two degrees centigrade and 95 percent±5% relative
humidity.  After conditioning a freshly weighed, approximately one pound bag
of completely reactivated desiccant shall replace the desiccant bag in the launcher.
The launcher shall then be exposed for a period of 64 to 68 hours, after which
the launcher opened and the bag of desiccant reweighed.  The weight increase
shall not exceed 0.07 grams per 100 square inches of external launcher surface
area for 24 hours and shall be calculated as follows:

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