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Page Title: Drawings (cont)
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Conductor insulation and Government specification.
Resistance between terminals in ohms.
Weight of copper in pounds.
(j) Insulation materials and their dimensions and applicable specification of the following:
Slot cell.
Top wedge.
"U" wedge (where used).
Insulation between phases.
Insulation on coil extension.
Insulation on coil leads and connections.
Complete stator. Government specification and grade of varnish.
Lead wire.
For universal motors, data as specified in (r) (2) shall be shown.
(k) Slot sections, showing details of slot wedges, slot armor, coil spacers, slot tubes.
(l) Where rubbing seals are used , a sketch showing construction of seal and method used to secure
seal in its housing and shaft to prevent axial or rotational movement.
(m) Sketches for each type of winding showing a cross-section of the winding with relative location
and identification of insulating materials shown.
(n) Test data, In the case of multispeed motors, the specified data shall be included for each
definite speed:
(1) Table of temperature conditions containing the following:
a. Time and hp. load and amperes.
b. Temperature readings of items listed in table IX and ambient temperature at shutdown
with readings at one hour before shutdown (in case of short-time duty motors this
column need not be completed), final while running (prior to shutdown) and after shut-
(2) The resistance in ohms and rise by resistance in degrees centigrade including the follow-
Cold temperature in degrees centigrade.
Hot temperature at end of full-load heat run.
Rise calculated by resistance.
(3) Performance at rated voltage and frequency including the following at 4/4, 3/4, 2/4 and 0
Actual load, amperes, watts, r.p.m., efficiency, power factor and torque.
(4) Torque data for locked rotor, pull-up and breakdown, listing volts, amperes, r.p.m. and
foot-pounds as applicable.
(5) Weight of the complete motor.
(6) A space for Government inspector's signature, office and date.
(o) Detail of the identification plate and identification plate data (and other information plate detail
and data where required). Where an identification plate drawing has been approved by the
Bureau of Ships, it will not be necessary to show a detail of the identification plate on the
motor master plan. However, it will be necessary to identify the plate in the List of Material
and show the manufacturer's drawing number of the approved identification plate drawing and
file number and date of the Bureau of Ships approval letter.
(p) A note identifying bearings by Government type or class or both.
(q) A note identifying the type and class of the applicable Government standard bearing puller (see
(r) Additional insulation data:
(1) The following additional insulation data shall be included on each master drawing or on a
separate insulation master drawing previously approved by the bureau or agency con-
cerned.  If the data are shown on a separate insulation master drawing covering insula-
tion practice for a number of motors, the bureau or agency concerned drawing of the in-
sulation master drawing can be referred to on each applicable motor master drawing sub-
ject to the following:
a. A manual is being supplied for the driven equipment and a copy of both the motor and
insulation master drawings are included in the manual.
b, When a manual is not being supplied for the driven equipment, reference to the insula-
tion master drawing on the motor master drawing will be permitted provided the
insulation drawing is furnished with the master drawing.
(2) These additional data, together with the information required by (j) and (k) shall completely
describe all insulation used, indicating the materials, dimensions, forms, sequence of

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