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Page Title: Magnet wire
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winding and insulating operations, numbers of layers and amount of overlapping of tape
applications, treatment schedules prebake period and temperature, number of dips and
class of varnish used, varnish manufacturers identification number or symbol, tempera-
ture and duration of baking treatments, vacuum and pressure employed during impreg-
nation (where used) as applicable for each type of wound assembly including:
a. Conductor strand and turn insulation.
b. Coil insulation including slot and end turn insulation of each armature coil, ground
insulation, coil turn separators, coil end turn banding insulation, and support pads
between coils and armature.
c. Other sketches and data as necessary to show method of manufacture (insulation and
forming) of each winding.  These sketches shall show such details as the direction
and overlap of the various tape windings on strands, conductors, turns and coils,
the distance that coil slot insulation and slot wedge extend beyond the iron, and the
original and final shape of form wound conductors and coils.
d. Each sketch shall be identified as to the design of motor and the type of winding.
Title block in size, form and arrangement in accordance with MIL-D-963.
Classification block directly above title block including manufacturer's type and class, frame
size, duty, enclosure , speed class, synchronous and full-load, bp., volts, cycles,
phases, type of rotor, design, class of insulation, type of mounting,  service classification,
ambient temperature and nominal (calculated) full-load amperes with the following notation.
(Note: This calculated value of full-load amperes can be used as a basis for selecting the
distribution system components and overload heaters or relays.)
Government specification, size, and quantity applicable to motor terminal lugs.
On master drawings covering equipment shock-tested, which have been found satisfactory,
there shall be indicated the following:
(1) The file number and date of the shock-test report and the file number and date of the
bureau or agency concerned letter of approval.
On class H or N insulated motors, the file number and date of the Bureau of Ships letter ap-
proving the insulation suitability test.
On encapsulated motors, the file number and date of the Bureau of Ships letter approving the
encapsulation suitability test.
In the List of Material identify onboard repair parts by an asterisk and add the following note
under the List of Materials: "Piece numbers identified by an asterisk are normally supplied
as onboard repair parts.  For onboard repair parts actually furnished refer to the contract
or order."
NOTE; Figure 2 is indicative of the general arrangement and information desired by the bureau
or agency concerned for a class A drawing for a two-speed integral hp. alternating-current
motor.  The bureau or agency concerned recognizes that the information required on other de-
signs of motors; such as single speed, will not be the same as shown hereon. In such cases it
will be permissible to add or subtract the necessary column, and information so as to fit the
particular motor.
3 . 5 . 2 S e r v i c e C . - Service C motors shall be a marine type commercial motor meeting the require-
ments specified in 3.1 to 3. 4.3 and the following:  General.  - Protection against corrosion shall conform to MIL-E-917, Temperature limits
shall conform to table IX. Magnet  wire. - The magnet wire shall be of such size as to permit rewinding with one of the
types specified in MIL-E-917. Locked rotor current. - The locked rotor current of single phase motors shall be in ac-
cordance with table IV; however, where the number of starts of split-phase motors does not exceed 4
starts per hour, the limits of table XI are permitted.

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