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Page Title: Class of insulation.
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The class of insulation shall be A, B, or H as specified (see 6. 2).
3.2.27 Class of insulation. -
3.2.28 Lifting means. - Suitable means shall be provided for lifting motors weighing 150 pounds and
3.2.29 Painting. - Exterior. - Except for shafts and identification plates, exterior parts shall be painted in
accordance with Specification MIL-E-917. Interior. - Electrical insulation of all types, surfaces in contact with lubricating oil or
grease, commutators, collector rings, brushes, bearings and bearing surfaces shall not be painted. Also
peripheries of armatures and rotors and any other rotating part of a machine from which centrifugal force
may cause the paint to be thrown on the windngs when the machine is operated at rated load and rated
ambient temperature shall not be painted; insulation varnish conforming to Specification MIL-V-1137,
instead of paint, may be applied to such parts. Noncorrosive resisting parts (see Specification MIL-E-917)
other than the above shall be painted in accordance with Specification ML-E-917 except that one coat of
enamel of any suitable color will be sufficient.
3.3 Identification plates. -
3.3.1 General. -  Identification plates shall be attached to the part of the motor which will not
ordinarily be renewed during its normal service life, and be located in a readily accessible position where
they can be read at all times without danger to personnel. These plates shall be in accordance with
type A, B, C or D of Specification MIL-I-15024 except that aluminum alloy and plastic materials will not
be permitted.
3.3.2 Identifcation plate markings - The minimum data to be marked on the identification plate
for motors shall include the following items:
(a) Manufacturer's name, identification symbols, serial numbers, bureau or agency
concerned drawing number, Government contract number, date (year) of
(b) Salient design characteristics namely, horsepower, voltage (nominal voltage and
voltage range shall be given for submarine service), current, type of winding,
speed and duty.
(c) Blank space for Government inspector's official stamping.
(d) Class of insulation and permissible ambient temperature.
(e) Government stock number.
3.4 Repair parts. - Each repair part shall be suitable for immediate use in replacing originally
installed parts in any identical motor, and the operation of the motor in which such repair parts are installed
shall be equal to that of the original machine. In general, the design shall be such that no specical
tools are required; however, where the design and construction is such as to require the use of special
tools for their proper maintenance, such tools shall be furnished. The requirements of Specifica-
tion MIL-R-15137 shall apply.

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