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Page Title: Packaging examination and testing.
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Component parts and concurrent repair parts testing.
Mount, Tripod, Machine Gun, Cal. .50, M3
Groups of Non-mating Parts

* Acquisition, calibration, maintenance and disposition. Unless
otherwise specified (see 6.1), responsibility for acquisition, calibration,
maintenance and disposition of acceptance inspection and test equipment
prescribed on the List of Inspection Equipment, IEL and for all other
inspection equipment required by applicable specifications, shall be in
accordance with MIL-I-45607.
* Accuracy of standard measuring equipment. When commercial
and modified commercial inspection and test equipment is used, it must
be capable of repetitive measurements to an accuracy of 10 percent of the
total tolerance of the characteristic being inspected.
4.5.4 Packaging examination and testing. Unless otherwise specified
(see 6.1), the packaging and marking examination and testing shall be in
accordance with MIL-P-14232.
4.6 Test methods.
4.6.1 Endurance. The mount and the cal. .50, M2 heavy barrel machine
gun to be used in the test shall be lubricated and examined prior to the
test. Testing shall be accomplished with the machine gun locked on the
mount so that the line of sight and the front tripod leg are in approximately
the same vertical plane. The feet of the tripod legs shall be in approxi-
mately the same horizontal plane and shall be held in place to prevent
movement of the mount during firing. Ammunition, links and firing schedule
shall be as specified in 3.3. At least two barrels shall be used during
the test and not more than 5000 rounds shall be fired in any one barrel.
Following each 100 rounds of firing, the mount shall be checked to assure
that the leg clamping handles and the front leg clamping screw nut have not
loosened and that the elevating handwheel, traversing handwheel, dial scale,
and locking nut have not moved from the position selected prior to firing
(see, 3.2.2,, and Following each 100
rounds of firing, the dial scale locking nut shall be retightened. The
machine gun shall be cooled to ambient temperature (approximately) by
forced air after each 100 rounds of firing. The machine gun shall be
cleaned and oiled after each 1,000 rounds of firing, and at the close of
each day's firing the machine gun and mount shall be protected against
corrosion. Mount parts shall not be altered and only those parts broken
or worn to the extent that they are unserviceable shall be replaced.
Complete accurate records shall be kept for each endurance test, showing
each malfunction and part replacement including the number of the round
at which each occurred. Malfunctions attributable to ammunition, links,
or the test machine gun shall not be counted against the mount being
tested, however, such malfunctions shall be recorded. At the completion
of the endurance test, mounts shall be disposed of as specified in the
contract (see 6.1).
4.6.2 Interchangeability test.
4,6.2.1 In plant

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