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Page Title: Reports--propeller system
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(e) Reusable blade cuff: The following in-
Fixed-pitch propellers with integral spinners
formation shall be painted with enamel or
shall be stamped on the upstream or front face,
labeled on the cambered face of the reusable
in a location that is visible from the front of
cuff parallel to the axis of the blade and ap-
the propeller when installed on the aircraft.
proximately in the center of the cuff area:
Marking shall be confined to an area not ex-
ceeding 1 inch from the spinner. Two-blade
(1) Part number
propellers without spinner shall be marked on
(f) Ice control heating elements: The fol-
the side of the boss, Blade Number 1 shall be
lowing information shall be painted or labeled
identified by the stamp "1" just outside the
on the exposed surface of electrical ice control
heating elements:
(b) Hub: The following information shall
Element;  Heating, Propeller Blade (cuff)
be stamped or etched in a location such
Electrical ice control
as to be readily visible when installed
Operating voltage
on an engine (in an aircraft nacelle)
Ohms min
Ohms max
but not in a location to produce critical
Serial No.
stress concentrations:
(g) Ice control timer: The following in-
(1) Model designation (propeller)
formation shall be stamped or painted on the
(2) Serial number
electrical ice control timer:
(3) Part number
Timer; Propeller, Electrical ice control
(c) Blades:
Timer on
Operating voltage
(1) Each blade shall have the following
Timer off
information stamped or etched on
Serial No.
the base or ferrule, as applicable, in
3.42.1 Age control for synthetic rubber
such a manner as not to affect the
parts. Age control for all synthetic rubber
balance or strength of the blade:
parts, except for fluorocarbon materials, shall
a. Model designation
be in accordance with ANA Bulletin No. 438.
b. Serial number
3.43 Reports--propeller system.
c. Part number
d. Ferrule model designation
3.43.1 Test reports.  Following completion
of each separate propeller system or component
(2) The following information shall be
test, or consecutive group of tests conducted on
enameled, labeled, or painted on the
any single test assembly or components a re-
blade parallel to the longitudinal
axis of the blade, and on the can-
port shall be submitted. These reports, certi-
bered face. This marking shall be
fied by a Government representative as to proper
given one coat of clear varnish or
conduct of the tests, will constitute the basis for
approval of the individual tests. Each report
a. Model designation
shall contain essentially the following items:
b. Serial number
(a) Cover (title of report, number of the
c. Part number
report, source of report, date, name(s)
d. Manufacturer's identification
of the author (s), and contract num-
(d) Spinner: The following spinner mark-
ings shall be placed on the inside of the spinner
(b) Title page (title of report, number of
shell or bulkhead at an appropriate and acces-
report, source of the report, date,
sible location to insure that this information
name(s) of the author(s), and con-
will not be obliterated if outside surfaces of
tract number).
the spinner are painted:
(c) Abstract (a brief statement of the con-
tents of the report, inducting the ob-
(1) Part number
(2) Serial number
(3) Manufacturer's identification
(d) Table of contents.

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