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Page Title: Explosion-proof
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MIL-P-26366A Salt spray. The propeller, including
At the end of the 18-hour exposure and before
the ice control system, shall be placed in an
cleaning any portion of the propeller, the elect-
exposure chamber and subjected to a salt spray
rical components shall be subjected to four
test in accordance with Method 811 of Federal
over-voltgage power supply transient voltage
Test Method Standard No. 151. The salt spray
variations specified in paragraph titled "D-c
test shall be operated for 50 hours. The pro-
power system characteristics" of Standard
peller shall operate satisfactorily after complet-
MIL-STD-7O4. The propeller shall be func-
ing the test. The salt deposits resulting from
tionally checked and then completely disas-
the test conditions may be removed prior to
sembled and inspected for indication of sand
operation. A visual inspection shall be per-
and dust contamination. Type and quantity of
formed to insure that the propeller is free from
sand or dust found within the assembly shall
deterioration and corrosion of any internal or
be such as not to shorten the life or to affect
external components that could in any manner
function of the propeller in any way. The ice
prevent the propeller from meeting operational
control system shall be subjected to the above
requirements during service life.
test at the specified speeds without current flow. Explosion-proof. Accessories and
The type and quantity of sand and dust found
components located in a potentially explosive
and the brush wear experienced in 18 hours of
environment shall be tested in accordance with
operation shall indicate a brush wear life of 500
Procedure IV of Specification MIL-E-5272.
hours. Radio interference check. A radio Fungus. The propeller, including the
interference check shall be conducted on the test
ice control system, shall be placed in a suitable
propeller  in accordance with Specification
chamber and inoculated with a mixture of
fungus spores containing at least those types
4.6.3 Endurance test (500-hour rig).
listed below: Test rig. The test of the propeller
shall be conducted on a test rig which shall be
capable of developing variations of speed in ex-
cess of that specified in the model specification.
Provisions shall be incorporated for controlling
and monitoring the propeller through all simul-
ated ground and fright operation.
Stock culture designation and source: Instrumentation. Instrumentation
necessary for monitoring the propeller operation
required by the endurance test shall be in-
corporate. Test propeller assembly. The pro-
peller for the test shall be assembled with
counterweighted stub blades. When capable of
being individually separated from the pro-
The chamber ambient atmosphere shall then be
peller assembly the spinner and ice control
maintained at a temperature of 855 F and
equipment may be eliminated as components of
a relative humidity of 955 percent for a 28-
the test propeller, as approved by the procuring
day period. The propeller shall function satis-
factorily after completing this test. The pro- Test duration. The test shall con-
peller shall be completely disassembled and in-
sist of 500 l-hour cycles. The cycles shall be as
spected for effects of fungus which would affect
specified in  The propeller operation
the life or function of the propeller. Evidence
shall be recorded before, during, and after the
that all materials used do not support fungus
growth shall constitute grounds for waiver of Deviation from normal operation.
this test.
Whenever there is evidence that the propeller is

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