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Page Title: Treatment and painting
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Equipment tiedown attachments
Paving Machine,Bituminous Material: Crawler-Mounted,Diesel-Engine-Driven
Welders and welding operators

shall conform to MIL-P-514, type III, composition C, of type I, grade A, class 1
material. Plates shall be attached as specified in 3.30, and labeling shall be
in accordance with 3.6. Plates describing safety measures or warning against
operations detrimental to the paver shall be distinguished by the words
"CAUTION" or "WARNING" in red lettering.
3.32 Treatment and painting.  The portions of the paver normally painted
internally and externally shall be cleaned, treated, and painted in accordance
with MIL-T-704, type F or G, as applicable. Unless otherwise specified (see 6.2)
top coat color shall be camouflage green 383 conforming to MIL-C-46168. The
paver shall then be overcoated in accordance with the Government furnished
camouflage patterns with MIL-C-46168 top coat of the colors specified in the
camouflage patterns.
3.33 Stenciling.  The gross weight of each paver shall be stenciled on each
side of the paver. "Lift" and "Tiedown", as applicable shall be stenciled
adjacent to their respective tiedown and slinging attachment. All stenciling
shall be in black-type letters not less than 1 inch high and shall be lusterless
black in color.
3.34 Toolbox. A weatherproof closed compartment or toolbox shall be provided
to carry those tools required to operate and maintain the paver. Toolboxes, when
furnished , shall be made of steel not less than 0.0747 inch (USS 14 gage) in
thickness. The toolbox shall have a hinged lid and not less than two tension
hook-type fasteners that will keep the lid closed when the toolbox is subject to
vibration. The toolbox lid shall open at least 90 dgrees from the closed
position and shall remain in the fully open position either by its own weight or
by a holding device. A hasp that will accommodate a padlock with a 3/8-inch
shackle shall be provided on the toolbox. The toolbox shall be fastened to the
paver in a protected position. A drain hole shall be provided in the bottom of
the toolbox. When a weatherproof compartment is built iinto the paver body to
carry those tools required to operate the paver, a portion of the operator's
platform may serve as the compartment lid and need not be hinged to the
compartment. the compartment lid shall be provided with a hasp that will
accommodate a padlock with a 3/8-inch shackle. A drain hole shall be provided
in the bottom of the compartment. When specified (see 6.2), the manufacturere's
standard toolbox shall be provided.
3.35 Workmanship. All parts, components, and assemblies of the paver including
castings, forgings, molded parts, stampings, bearings, seals, machined
surfaces, and welded parts shall be clean and free from sand, dirt, fins, pits,
sprues, scale, flux, and other harmful, extraneous material. All exposed edges
shall be rounded or beveled except where sharp edges and comers are required.
3.35.1 Steel fabrication.  Steel used in the fabrication of the paver shall
provide original quality surface finish and shall be free from kinks and sharp
bends. Steel having an eroded surface is not acceptable. The forming of
material shall be done by methods that will not cause damage to the metal.
Shearing and clipping shall be done neatly and accurately. Corners shall be
square and true. Burned surfaces of flamecut material shall be free of slag.
Precaution shall be taken to avoid overheating, and heated metals shall be

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