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Page Title: Manual engine speed control
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Engine enclosure
Pump Unit, Centrifugal, Diesel-Engine-Driven, 800 GPM at 1800 Feet Total Head
Fuel system

operator. When the two-position switch is in the automatic discharge pressure control position,
the set point adjustment will establish the discharge pressure delivered by the pump as selected
by the operator. Rotation of the set point adjustment shall be clockwise going from lowest to
highest setting.
3.13.2 Manual engine speed control. In the manual engine speed control mode position, the
pump speed shall be isochronously controlled; that is, the engine/pump speed shall stay at the
speed selected by operating personnel using the "set point adjustment", irrespective of pump
discharge pressure, up to the maximum allowable engine speed provided none of the other
shutdown devices (high coolant temperature, low lubricant oil pressure, or low pump suction
pressure) have operated. The "manual engine speed control" mode position must be used to
permit engine starting and the low range of the "set point adjustment" device used for engine
warm up.
3.13.3 Automatic discharge pressure control. In the "automatic discharge pressure control"
mode, the automatic engine/pump controller shall operate in conjunction with an electronic
speed control governor, which would regulate engine speed to maintain the respective discharge
pressure corresponding to "set point adjustment" position selected by the operator. The suction
pressure control function shall override the discharge pressure control function in the event
adequate suction pressure is not available to the pump to achieve the desired discharge pressure.
The suction pressure set point adjustment shall be accessible from the side or back of the
controller for adjustment by personnel using common hand tools.
3.13.4 Pressure ranges. The discharge pressure controller and associated transducers shall
have an adjustable working range of 0-900 psig. The suction pressure control and associated
transducer shall have an adjustable working range of 0-150 psig. The automatic engine/pump
controller shall be factory set to the following values: low pressure override 20 psig;
maximum discharge pressure 760 psig.
3.14 Instrument panel. The pump unit shall incorporate a steel instrument panel, rigidly
mounted on the suction side of the pump in a readily accessible area to enable the operator to
read the pump gages, perform operational procedures and the required maintenance to the
controls and indicators, and to repair or replace the panel if required. The panel shall be
completely enclosed with a hinged door with locks and shall be weatherproof. The panel shall
include sufficient lighting to allow the operator to read all pump and engine gages and operate all
pump and engine controls in otherwise total darkness. Replacement of light bulbs shall require
no tools. Instrumentation shall include, but not be limited to, an electric tachometer/hourmeter, a
voltmeter gage conforming to MS24532-2, a lube oil pressure gage conforming to MS24540-2, a
coolant water temperature indicator gage conforming to MS24543-2, two shock-, vibration- and
corrosion-resistant pressure gages conforming to ANSI B40.1. The suction gage shall have a
pressure range of 0-400 psi and the discharge gage shall have a range of 0-1000 psi. The suction
gage shall have an overpressure range of at least 900 psi and the discharge gage shall have an
overpressure range of at least 1500 psi. The dials shall be white with black calibration lines and
figures and shall be not less than 4-1/2 inches in diameter. All gages shall be labeled according
to function (i.e., TEMPERATURE, ENGINE SPEED, etc.) and color coded as specified in 3.8.

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