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Page Title: Barrel assembly straightness.
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MIL-R-63997B(AR)  Barrel  assembly  straightness.
The barrel assembly
shall be straight to the extent that a cylindrical plug with a
diameter of .2173 + .0001 inches, and six (6) inches in length
must drop through the barrel bore of its own weight.
Also,  a  self
aligning plug shall be inserted three (3) inches into the barrel
bore at the muzzle, may have an angular deviation from the
t h e o r e t i c a l  a x i s  o f  z e r o  d e g r e e s  a n d  t h r e e  m i n u t e s ( Oo 3 ' ) .
Gas tube.
The gas tube shall be securely retained
to the front sight assembly by the gas tube spring pin.
The gas
tube shall be free of mutilations and postioned for proper
alignment with the bolt carrier key. H a n d g u a r d The  two-piece  handguard  shall  be  held
f i r m l y  i n  p l a c e  by the handguard cap and the spring loaded slip
ring in the barrel nut assembly.
When the slip ring is depressed
rearward the handguards shall be capable of being removed. Front  sight. The front sight shall be securely
attached to the barrel  assembly by two taper pins.
The  front
sight post shall be held in position by the spring loaded front
sight  detent.
The detent, when depressed, shall disengage the
front  sight  post  and  allow  vertical  adjustment  of  the  post,
Clockwise  rotation  of  the  front  sight  post,  as  indicated  by  the
arrow  on  the  top  of  the  front  sight,  shall  lower  the  front  sight
When  the  rifle  is  zeroed  as  specified  in  3.4.6,  there  shall
be  at  least  16  additional  clicks  of  adjustment  available  in  a
downward  direction.
The front sight shall provide a means for
retaining  and  positioning  a  bayonet  knife.
Rear  sight.
The  rear  sight  shall  pivot  to  full
vertical position of both normal and short range peeps and be held
in each position under spring action when at the extreme left and
extreme  right  windage  positions.
The windage knob shall be held
in position by the spring loaded detent.
The windage knob shall
be capable of rotating seven complete revolutions, moving the rear
sight  from  the  extreme  left  to  the  extreme  right  without  binding
The rear sight shall also be capable of and calibrated for
elevating, by means of an elevation knob, to compensate for
trajectory for ranges from 300 meters to 800 meters.
T h e 0-200
meter setting shall be accomplished by setting the elevation knob
o n 300 meters and " f l i p p i n g - u p "  t h e c l o s e r a n g e r e a r s i g h t p e e p .
The rear sight shall be adjusted as specified in 3.4.6.
Ejection port cover.
The  ejection  port  cover  shall
operate  through i t s  f u l l range of travel under spring action
without  binding.
The cover shall be retained in the closed
position by the cover detent, and shall open under spring action
when the bolt carrier is moved from the locked position rearward,
or from the open position forward.

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