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Page Title: Failure of interchangeability test.
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respectively. Interchange of parts shall be accomplished in a
manner similar to that specified in  Detailed
procedures for this test shall be as specified in the contract
( s e e 6.1), depending on the number of different manufacturers
involved. Failure of interchangeability test.
Rifles.  Second  sample.  Failure of parts to reassemble
during parts interchange or subsequent failure of any rifle to
m e e t the headspace, f i r i n g p i n i n d e n t , t r i g g e r p u l l , f u n c t i o n i n g
a n d accuracy requirements shall be cause for selection of an
additional sample of rifles for the represented inspection lot to
determine the prevalence of a similar defect.
T h e sample shall
consist of 20 rifles when the lot size is 1,000 and 50 rifles when
the five lot (or larger) group is represented. Acceptance.
If a similar defect is not found,
the nonconforming rifles shall be corrected and the lot shall be
accepted.  Rejection.
If a similar defect is found, the
inspection lot shall be rejected and the contractor shall examine
and correct all rifles in the represented lot to insure the
material containing the defects or similar defects revealed during
testing are purged from the represented lot and are not presented
t o the Government for acceptance.
The contractor shall also
correct the applicable production and inspection processes and
procedures to prevent the recurrence of defects revealed during
the test. Accuracy f a i l u r e .
Rifles failing to meet the
accuracy requirements shall be corrected by the contractor to meet
the requirements before they are returned to the represented lot
for final acceptance.
4 . 7 . 7 . 3 . 2  R e p a i r  p a r t s .  Failure of any repair part to meet
t h e i n t e r c h a n g e a b i l i t y requirements shall cause the contractor to
determine the cause of failure and inspect a sample representing
the lot of parts to determine the prevalence of a similar defect.
S a m p l i n g shall be in accordance with MIL-STD-105, using inspection
L e v e l II with an AQL of 0.65.
Upon completion of inspection, the
lot shall be reconditioned as necessary prior to submitting the
l o t f o r r e t e s t i n g .  The contractor shall evaluate and correct the
applicable production and inspection process and procedures to
prevent recurrence of the defects revealed during the testing.

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