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Page Title: Spare panel-mounted assemblies, circuit breakers, or switches
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Panel-mounted assemblies
Switching Equipment, Combat System, Command and Control, Fire Control, And Interior Communication General Specification
Description, warning, and instruction plates

3.5.3 Through bolting. Through bolting or threading into watertight
enclosures shall not be permitted.  Bosses shall be provided for this purpose
in cast enclosures.  Blind tapped welded buttons shall be used in sheet metal
enclosures .
3.5.4  Spare panel-mounted assemblies, circuit breakers, or switches. Space
for at least five full depth (11 inch) panel-mounted assemblies shall be pro-
vialed in type II, IV, VI, IX, X, and XII switchboard sections.  Space for two
style DLS switch assemblies (see shall be provided in type VIII
switchboard sections. Unused panel spaces shall be fitted with blank front
plates.  Space for at least five switches, or circuit breakers shall be pro-
vided in type VII switchboards.  Space for at least two spare switches shall be
provided in type III, V, and XI switchboards.  These spare spaces are initial
design requirements and may be used during the development of design.
3.5.5 Rounded corners and edges.  Corners and edges of external surfaces,
normally exposed or to be painted, shall be rounded.
3.5.6 Protection of wiring.  Edges of parts that will come into contact
with wiring shall be rounded or provided with rounded insulating guards, grom­
mets, or pads to prevent damage to the internal wiring (see Stand-
offs or protective plates shall be provided where required to prevent wiring
from being damaged by terminal nuts or screw threads.  Insulating guards,
grommets, pads, sheaths, stand-offs, and protective plates shall be type F,
grade a of MIL-I-631. Each exposed, electrical terminal which can not be deenergized by
opening the main supply switch on the board (such as on power available lights,
voltmeter circuits, and line terminals on the main supply switches) shall be
insulated with a plastic tubing or by application of insulating paint.  Other
exposed terminals which are particularly hazardous because of their location
when the switchboard door is open (such as large switches mounted near the
opening edges of doors) shall also be insulated in this manner.
3.5.7 Internal subassembly protection.  Complete unit internal subassemblies
shall be provided with means to prevent injury to pointers, dials, and other parts
when the subassembly is removed from its enclosure and rested on a work bench on
either its top or bottom.
3.5.8 Drilled and tapped holes.  Drilled and tapped holes shall be counter-
sunk sufficiently to remove burrs and sharp edges.  Tapped holes in aluminum shall
be fitted with helical coil inserts.
3.5.9 Identification and ORDALT/FIELD CHANGE plates. An identification
and ORDALT/FIELD CHANGE plate in accordance with Drawing 803-4680139 , combined
or separate plates in accordance with the applicable specification sheet shall
be provided for each complete switchboard or other complete unit.  The manu-
facturer's name and contract number shall be entered on this plate.  The plate
shall be located as shown on the figures in the applicable specification sheet.
The Mark and Mod of the switchboard shall be entered on this plate, if a Mark
and Mod is assigned.  The Mark and Mod assignment will be provided by the
Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA).  Identification and ORDALT/FIELll CHANGE
plates shall be attached by screws.

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