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Page Title: Switchboard overall assembly drawing
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Switching Equipment, Combat System, Command and Control, Fire Control, And Interior Communication General Specification
Parts list (parts population)

MIL-S-17000N(SH) Switchboard overall assembly drawing. Overall assembly drawing
shall show the overall dimensions, foundation bolt hole locations, and clearances
required for the complete switchboard.  Weight and location of the center of
gravity of the switchboard, the location of the sway brace mounting holes,
heat dissipation, and location and purpose of the connector box for the internal
light shall be shown on this drawing. When applicable, the Mark and Mod number
of the switchboard shall be shown.  Parts list shall identify each panel-mounted
assembly installed in the switchboard.  Diameter, type, quantity, and torque
values required for foundation and intersection fastening hardware shall be
S hewn .  A note for the installing activity shall reference Publication NAVSEA SE
670-FO-MMD-010/Swbds for installation criteria.  A separate drawing shall be
prepared for each different switchboard, each control indicator, or each remote
operated switch assembly on each contract. Panel-mounted assemblies.  These drawings shall depict the mechani-
cal design, construction, and assembly of panel-mounted assemblies, including
basic or blank panel assemblies.  These drawings shall include views depicting
parts and a tabulation of the specific parts for each panel-mounted assembly.
Marking information of description plates shall be shown either on the individual
assembly drawing or on a combined marking information drawing.  Overall dimensions
of the assembly shall be shown. Subassemblies and mechanical details.  Drawings shall be prepared
to show the complete details of parts (such as designation plates, front panel,
and chassis) and assemblies such as module assemblies that are not clearly shown
on other drawings.  Overall dimensions of each subassembly shall be shown in
addition to these details.  Parts from vendors, when shown as part of a sub-
assembly shall be listed as independent items on the parts list. Part identification.  Each replaceable part shall be identified
with the following and include the maximum information that may be necessary to
define the required data on at least one of the drawings specified in
Nomenclature or description.
Military part number.
Part or identifying number as used by the actual manufacturer
of the part (not the switchboard manufacturers part number
unless the part is made by the switchboard manufacturer).
Actual manufacturer's name or code identification number.
Government specification number or MS sheet number (for example)
(or commercial designations where there is no applicable
Government specification).
Material (unless the item is an assembly using several materials).
Mechanical, electrical, and physical characteristics.
National stock number (if available).
The above information may be tabulated in a parts list on an assembly or sub-
assembly drawing (such as a switch assembly or module assembly) or shown on the
detail drawing of the part.  Where several assemblies requiring varying numbers
of the same parts are shown on a drawing, each part shall be listed only once
in the parts list, each assembly shall be assigned a number and the "No. Reqd."

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