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Page Title: First production vehicle inspection
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Quality Assurance Provisions
Trucks, Pipe and Sewer Cleaner: High Pressure Water Jet Type, 5680 Liter (1.500 Gallon), 12700 Kilograms
Preparation for delivery

contractor's inspection are being properly applied. Failure of the contractor to promptly correct
product deficiencies discovered shall be cause for suspension of acceptance until correction has
been made or until conformance of product to specification criteria has been demonstrated.
4.3 First production vehicle inspection. The first vehicle produced under the contract
shall be inspected by the contractor at his plant under the direction and in the presence of
Government representatives. The purpose of the inspection shall be to determine vehicle
conformity to the contract.
4.3.1 Vehicle weight. The first production vehicle shall be weighed to determine curb
weight, and distribution of curb weight on front and rear axle. The imposed loading on front and
rear axle will be computed using the curb weight, and the payload, (see 3.2.5 and 3.2.6), to
provide the GVW. Calculated imposed loads on front and rear axle will be utilized to ascertain
that the suspension, axles and tires furnished are of adequate capacity to meet contract
4.3.2 Road test. The first production vehicle shall be examined and road tested for not
less than 8 kilometers (km) (5 miles) without payload by the contractor to assure that the vehicle
will operate in accordance with contract requirements.
4.3.3 Leakage test. The completely assembled tank body, including all piping, shall be
tested for leaks at its design pressure in accordance with DOT Safety Regulations Governing
Transportation of Hazardous Materials, Section 178.341, Specification MC 306. In addition, all
piping and hoses shall be tested for leaks at the maximum pressure they can encounter during use
of the vehicle-mounted pump.
4.3.4 Pump test. Vehicle pumping equipment shall be tested to determine performance
requirements specified in 3.5.4.
4.3.6 Production sample. Upon acceptance of the first production vehicle, it shall remain
at the manufacturing facility as a production sample, and be the last vehicle shipped on the
contract. The contractor shall maintain the vehicle in an as new condition for the duration of the
4.3.6 Failure. Failure of the first production vehicle to meet requirements of the contract
shall be cause for the Government to refuse acceptance of all vehicles under contract until
corrective action has been taken.
4.4 Inspection of production vehicles. The contractor's inspection system shall, as a
minimum, assure that the vehicle conforms to the physical and dimensional requirements and is
capable of meeting performance requirements contained herein. Each vehicle shall be tested for
leakage in accordance with 4.3.3. For each vehicle under contract, the contractor shall make

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