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Page Title: Type II two-compartment tank
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Type I pumping system operation
Trucks, Tank: Fuel Servicing and Aircraft Fuel Servicing, 1,000 to 4,000 Gallon Diesel and Gasoline Engine Driven
Type II dual gravity discharge provisions

3.7.1 Type II two-compartment tank. Type II vehicles shall be furnished with a
two-compartment tank. Each compartment of the tank shall have a capacity equal to 50 percent
of the specified tank capacity plus 3 percent extra capacity for expansion. The compartments
shall be separated by bulkheads providing an air space between the two compartments. The air
space shall be vented. A drain shall also be provided. The drain opening shall be not less than
0.5 inch in diameter. Venting and drainage shall be in accordance with 49 CFR, section 178.340.
The bulkheads between the compartments shall be uniformly dished and uniformly flanged to
provide structural strength for hydraulic pressure and surge and shall conform to 3.5.5. When
specified (see 6.2), two filter/separator packages shall be installed conforming to 3.8.6 through, 3.8.10 and Filter/separator valves in accordance with and two
relaxation chambers in accordance with 3.5.24 shall be provided when filter/separator packages
are specified.
3.7.2 Type II dual suction stubs. Two suction stubs shall be provided, each in
accordance with 3.5.21 and
3.7.3 Type II speed ends. Two sets of speed ends, identical to those specified in, shall be furnished.
3.7.4 Type II dual ground cable reels. In addition to the ground cable reel specified in, a second ground cable reel (conforming to shall be provided in the underslung
cabinet on the opposite side of the vehicle.
3.7.5 Type II dual fueling. Type II vehicles shall be furnished with a dual fueling
system. The dual fueling system shall consist of a complete and separate fuel servicing and
loading system for each tank compartment. Each fuel servicing and loading system shall be
capable of operating independently but not simultaneously. Type II dual hose reels. Two hose reels, hoses and nozzles shall be furnished and
mounted on opposite sides of the vehicle in the underslung cabinets. Each reel, hose and nozzle
shall conform to 3.6.1 through Type II dual pump and strainer. Two power takeoff driven fuel pumps shall be
provided (one for each compartment), each conforming to 3.6.2 and Type II dual meters. Two meters shall be provided, each conforming to 3.6.3. Type II dual pumping system operation. Pumping system operation shall be as
specified for type I in 3.6.4 through for each pumping system, except that only one
system is required to operate at a time.

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