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Page Title: Welding procedures
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Breaker strips
Trucks, Tank: Fuel Servicing and Aircraft Fuel Servicing, 1,000 to 4,000 Gallon Diesel and Gasoline Engine Driven
Quality Assurance Provisions

to ensure complete fusion with minimum distortion of the shell and in all cases, in all areas, the
gap shall be no greater than 0.063 inch or the thickness of the thinner member, whichever is less.
3.12.3 Welding procedures. The contract will require welding procedures to be recorded
prior to production of any weldment, but no procedure qualification other than workmanship
specimens will normally be required.
3.12.4 Factors. The factors listed below shall be included in the recorded welding
Joint sketch
Joint type and preparation
Base metal type and thickness
Filler metal, size and type
Position of welding
Arc-voltage, current range, and polarity
Manual or machine weld
Travel speed, machine only
Pre-heat and post-heat.
3.13 Servicing and adjusting. Prior to acceptance of the vehicle by the Government
inspector, the contractor shall service and adjust each vehicle for operational use including at
least the following: alignment of lights, adjustment of the engine and brake systems, filling and
charging of battery, alignment of front wheels, inflation of all tires, complete lubrication of
chassis, engine, and running gear with grades of lubricants recommended for the ambient air
temperature at the delivery point, servicing of the cooling system with a solution of ethylene
glycol type antifreeze and water in equal parts by volume, and servicing of the windshield
washer reservoir with water and appropriate additives.
3.14 Workmanship. Defective components or parts and assemblies which have been
repaired or modified to overcome deficiencies shall not be furnished. Welded, bolted and riveted
construction utilized shall be in accordance with the highest standards of the metal fabrication
industry. The entire vehicle shall be designed and constructed in accordance with the best
known and available practices (see 49 CFR, Paragraph 178.340-2). Surfaces shall be free of
visible grinder marks, rough cut edges, hand hammered edges, and dents. The body shall be free
of body filler materials. The tank shell shall be free of ripples except in those immediate weld
areas where the heads and baffles are attached to the shell. Permissible ripples in these areas
shall be limited to the following:
(a) Ripples shall deviate from the surrounding true shape of the shell (see 3.5.3) not
more than 0.125 inch, protruding outward from the true shell shape or depressed
inward from the true shell shape, but not both immediately adjacent to each other on
the same tank shell.

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