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Page Title: Breaker strips
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Body mounting
Trucks, Tank: Fuel Servicing and Aircraft Fuel Servicing, 1,000 to 4,000 Gallon Diesel and Gasoline Engine Driven
Welding procedures

located within the area of the rail which is designated as being safe for drilling in accordance
with the chassis manufacturer's body builder's layouts. Attachments shall not interfere with nor
obstruct existing chassis components.
3.11.3 Breaker strips. A hardwood or dense southern yellow pine breaker strip not less
than 1.063 inches finished thickness shall be installed between longitudinal sills and vehicle
chassis frame. Breaker strips shall have a taper of not less than 0.5 inch in 16 to 18 inches at the
forward end.
3.12 Welding. Adequate preparation of metal prior to welding of the tank shell,
appurtenances, components and accessories shall be provided. Surface of parts to be welded
shall be free of dust, scale, paint, grease, and other foreign matter. Stainless steel electrodes or
filler rods used in the welding process shall be for use with the grade of stainless steel specified
herein and according to the recommendations of the manufacturer or producer of the stainless
steel electrodes or filler rods. When welding the cabinet support members to any stainless steel
pads or saddles, the ferritic particles shall not penetrate through the pads or saddles. The body
shall be free of the following:
(a) Slug or plug welding
(b) Undersize of fillet welds, overlaps, inadequate fusion and penetration and
undercutting of weldments
(c) Unremoved slag and spatter
(d) Cracks
(e) Spot, tack, or intermittent welds for strength.
Weld penetration shall be such as to provide transference of maximum design stress through the
base metal juncture. Intermittent welding shall be permissible when in accordance with 3.12.1
and 3.12.2.
3.12.1 Workmanship specimens. Workmanship specimens shall be prepared by the
manufacturer for the body and components to simulate all welding conditions. The specimens
shall be cross-sectioned and etched. The specimens shall represent the minimum acceptable
weld quality and cleaning procedure to be used in production. The specimens shall be prepared
using the welding procedures to be employed in production. Specimens prepared to represent
multiple pass welds shall be made in such a manner as to leave at least two inches of each layer
of weld metal exposed. Upon submittal of these specimens by the contractor, the quality level
and identification shall be subject to approval by the Government.
3.12.2 Welded members. All members to be joined by welding shall be brought into
contact or close proximity before welding. For fillet, butt and flare groove welds; including
those for the heads, baffles and shell; the gap between members before welding shall be such as

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