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Page Title: Interior trim
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Spare tire assembly
Truck: Compact Forward Control Van, Recruiter 5,400 Pounds GVW, 4x2, Commercial
Auxiliary 120-volt ac power sources

3.5.1 Roof. The roof shall be a raised type to provide additional headroom and shall be of
either the elevating type with vinylized canvas sidewalls or of the stationary type. The raised
portion of the roof shall extend the length and width of the load space and shall provide inside
headroom of not less than 73 inches plus or minus 1/2 inch. An elevating type roof shall be
provided with spring assisted raising mechanisms. Stationary roof shall be of reinforced
fiberglass with approximately 80 percent of the top of the raised roof having a green tinted
translucent section to light the cargo area. The roof shall be styled to provide smooth lines for
efficient air flow, rigidity, and good appearance. The roof shall be white except for the
translucent section. The roof material shall withstand solar heat with no evidence of
deformation. The roof shall be attached with corrosion-resistant fasteners and with a leakproof
weather seal. The top shall be provided with fiber board molding on side roof sills as a
protective border. The interior surface of the top shall be painted. An air vent shall be furnished
at or near the ceiling. The vent shall he capable of being manually closed from the interior. The
vent shall be louvered to shed water and moisture. The vent shall be retained with removable
corrosion-resistant fasteners and shall be sealed inside and outside.
*  3.5.2 Interior trim. Anti-slip vinyl tile flooring, harmonizing with interior color, with
aluminum bead border shall be furnished in the cargo space. Manufacturer's standard
harmonizing color board paneling shall be installed on all interior surfaces except on the curbside
loading doors.
3.5.3 Bench. A wooden frame bench, covered with a harmonizing vinyl upholstered
cushion, shall be furnished across the rear of the cargo space. Seat belts and seat belt anchors are
not required for the bench. The bench and seat back shall be securely attached to prevent
movement when the vehicle is in transit.
3.5.4 Desk and chair. A light weight, table-top type desk and a castered, upholstered
secretarial stool with back rest shall be furnished. The desk shall be approximately 54 inches
long by 24 inches wide by 30 inches high, and shall be equipped with two drawers on the right
hand side. The top drawer shall be approximately 13 inches wide by 6 inches high and full desk
width in length. The bottom drawer shall be approximately 13 inches wide by 12 inches high
and full desk width in length. The desk drawers shall be equipped with devices that
automatically hold the drawers in a closed position when closed. Key-operated locks are not
acceptable. The top of the desk shall be Formica or equal hard surface material, and shall be of
harmonizing color. The desk shall be installed against the street side of the vehicle interior in
such a position that a person seated at the desk will face the street side, and the left side of the
desk shall be approximately 12 inches from the rear bench. The desk shall be secured to the
vehicle interior in a manner which will permit easy removal and shall be locked in place with
positive fasteners. Fasteners relying only on frictional forces are not acceptable. The chair shall
be capable of being secured under the desk during transit. Chair upholstery shall be of a
harmonizing color.

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