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Page Title: Rotating warning light
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Breaker strips
Trucks: Elevating Body, Diesel and Gasoline Engine Driven, 21,000 to 39,500 Pounds GVW, 4x2 and 6x4 Commercial
Hydraulic fluid

MIL-T-62145E Rotating warning light. An amber, rotating, vehicular warning light in accordance
with MS51317-4 shall be provided. The rotating light shall be mounted on top of the cab for
type I stake and platform and over the front door on the roof of the elevating body for type II
van. The rotating light shall be operated by means of a separate switch with an indicator light
located on the instrument panel and marked to indicate the function of the switch.
* Cable. A color coded, multiconductor cable, enclosed in metal or plastic flexible
loom, shall be routed up along the scissors mechanism to provide for electrical power and
controls for the elevated body. The routing shall provide an ample radius at the center of the
scissors mechanism to minimize damage from flexing. The cable end connections and fastenings
to the scissors mechanism shall provide for ready replacement of the cable.
3.5.6 Hydraulic system. Hydraulic pump. A hydraulic pump with compatible pressure and flow capacities to
operate all hydraulic components and accessories shall be furnished. The hydraulic pump shall
be driven by a heavy duty power takeoff unit attached to the truck-chassis transmission. A
split-shaft power takeoff is not acceptable. Chain drives are not acceptable. The hoist pump
shall be of the gear type. The pump continuous pressure rating shall be not less than that
recommended by the hoist and cylinder manufacturer(s), with an intermittent rating not less than
500 pounds per square inch (psi) over the continuous rating. The system hydraulic pressure shall
be limited to not more than 2500 psi under any operating condition. The pump system shall
include a built-in adjustable pressure relief valve(s) or unloading valve(s), with a range of
adjustment which allow the operating and the test loads specified herein. The hydraulic pump
shall be capable of operating in ambient temperatures from minus 40F to plus 125F. Neutral switch. A neutral switch shall be furnished. The neutral switch shall be
activated when the transmission is in neutral to operate the pump. When an automatic
transmission is provided, a brake lock shall be provided that will not permit the pump to operate
unless the brake lock is activated. Automatic throttle actuator. An automatic hydraulic or electric throttle actuator shall
be furnished. The actuator shall automatically increase the truck engine speed when the pump is
being loaded, and automatically decrease the speed of the truck engine when no load is being
imposed. Hydraulic reservoir. A hydraulic reservoir shall be furnished. The reservoir shall be
equipped with a drain, a filler opening cap attached to the reservoir by a corrosion-resistant
chain, and internal baffles to prevent excessive surging of the fluid. A dip stick or sight gage

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