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Page Title: Telescopic ladder
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Control location
Trucks: Elevating Body, Diesel and Gasoline Engine Driven, 21,000 to 39,500 Pounds GVW, 4x2 and 6x4 Commercial
Highway warning kit

10 gage (0.1345 inch) thick. A bottom hinged door shall be furnished, with corrosion-resistant
stay chains to provide a shelf when horizontal. A hasp with latch and provisions for a padlock
shall be furnished. The inside corners shall be reinforced. The cabinet shall be supported and
bolted to the chassis frame rails by use of corrosion-resistant bolts and nuts. Gussets shall be
provided. The cabinet shall be capable of being removed by the use of wrenches. The cabinet
shall be electric arc welded.
3.5.8 Telescopic ladder. When specified (see 6.2), a telescopic ladder for access to the body
loadspace on type I and type II vehicles shall be furnished. Type I stake and platform ladder
shall be located at the streetside rear of the body. Type II van ladder shall be located at the
curbside front for access onto the front overcab platform. The ladder shall be constructed of
aluminum members and shall be designed to prevent injury when ascending or descending and
when the body is being elevated or retracted. The ladder shall not extend over the top of the
roof of the body in any elevated or retracted position of the body. Each ladder rung shall be
capable of accepting a 600-pound load imposed at its center without evidence of deformation.
* 3.5.9 Safety. All equipment or exposed portions of the equipment which create extreme
temperatures or that are subject to damage from inclement weather, and all rotating or
reciprocating or elevating parts, which are of such nature or so located as to become a hazard to
operating personnel, shall be insulated, fully enclosed, or properly guarded. All sharp or
protruding edges shall be eliminated, enclosed or properly guarded. Safety devices. The following safety devices shall be included:
(a) A device to prevent sudden lowering of the body through failure of any component
of the mechanical, hydraulic, or electrical system other than the hydraulic cylinder(s)
(b) A manually operated locking device to positively retain the body at not less than
8 feet above ground level to the body floor for maintenance purposes
(c) An electrical cut-off switch and positive stops to retain the body at any height at
which the body is located
(d) A device with actuating controls and with an indicator installed in the vehicle cab, to
preclude movement of the vehicle when the body operating system is being
activated, and to prevent operation of the body operating system when the vehicle is
in motion. The device shall be controlled from the vehicle cab and shall be
accessible to the operator when in a seated position. The device shall be installed so
that the control cannot be operated unless the clutch pedal is depressed or when an
automatic transmission is furnished, when the detent is placed in the drive position.

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