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Page Title: Portable ramps
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Hydraulic tailgate
Trucks: Elevating Body, Diesel and Gasoline Engine Driven, 21,000 to 39,500 Pounds GVW, 4x2 and 6x4 Commercial
Table X. Type II dimensions (inches).

instruction plate shall be positioned near the controls, describing the operation of the hydraulic
tailgate. Hydraulic hoses connected to the hydraulic cylinders shall be coiled and shall be
capable of extending and retracting with the platform without snagging and without exerting
excessive loads on the hose fittings.
*  3.6.11 Rollers. When specified for class E vehicles (see 6.2), removable rollers shall be
installed on the body floor to facilitate handling, without damage, two 10,000 pound capacity,
300 pound HCU-6/E pallets conforming to type I of MIL-P-27443, loaded to capacity. The
rollers shall be of a width sufficient to allow 88-inch wide pallets to be loaded onto the truck bed.
The rollers shall be capable of being installed and removed by four men, within one hour, using
only common hand tools. A means shall be provided on the vehicle to lock the pallets securely
to the rollers to prevent movement. The devices that hold the rollers onto the truck bed floor and
the pallet lockdown devices shall not protrude above the floor when the rollers have been
3.6.12 Portable ramps. When specified (see 6.2), two portable rear loading ramps shall be
furnished. The ramps shall be of aluminum. The ramps shall be not less than 166 inches in
length, 9 inches in width, with a tread pattern on the top surface. The ramps shall have a channel
section at the upper section. Means shall be provided to anchor the ramp ends to the edge of the
platform and to permit varying the spacing in at least 10-inch increments. Each ramp shall be
capable of supporting a 4,500-pound imposed load on a span 12 feet in length when supported
only at the ends. Storage provisions for the ramps, with cam type tie-downs, shall be furnished.
3.6.13 Rear bumper. The rear of the chassis frame shall be boxed in with material at least
equal to the chassis frame material and shall be adequate for use as a bumper. The bumper shall
be installed so as to permit the rear tailgate to hang down perpendicular to the truck bed.
3.6.14 Rear step. A step shall be provided on the curbside of the rear of the body to assist
personnel entering the cargo space when the body is in its lowered position and the tailgate is in
its horizontal position. The step shall be of the stirrup type and shall be installed to prevent
damage to the step when the truck is backed up against a loading dock.
3.6.15 Transition plate. When specified (see 6.2), a transition plate shall be furnished to
bridge the gap between the tailgate and an aircraft cargo door when the truck is positioned at a
45-degree angle to the aircraft. The plate shall be trapezoidal in shape, approximately
7 feet wide, 4 feet long on the short side and 11 feet long on the long side (see figure 1). The
edge shall be tapered to facilitate the movement of wheeled loaders and handlers. The transition
plate shall be attachable to the tailgate in a manner to provide a relatively smooth surface

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