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Page Title: Lighting for 28-volt towed semitrailers
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protective and accessible location. When a crossmember for a pintle assembly is to be
assembled by the receiving activity, the wiring and location shall be specified in Lighting cable, 12-volt. A 12-volt coiled retractable lighting cable conforming to
SAE J1067 shall be furnished. The coiled lighting cable shall be not less than 10 feet in 1ength
and both ends of the cable shall be equipped with a round plug conforming to SAE J560. The
plugs shall be equipped with a spring cable guard on both ends and a grip for withdrawing from
the receptacles. The end of the cable shall be furnished with a spring-loaded cover to preclude
contaminates entering the socket. Lighting for 28-volt towed semitrailers. A 28-volt lighting system shall be
furnished (see Lighting receptacle, 28-volt (rear of cab). A 28-volt lighting receptacle
conforming to MS75021-2 with cover assembly conforming to Drawing 7731428, shall be
furnished. Receptacle shall provide lighting when towing a semitrailer with 28-volt system. The
28-volt, 12 ampere output service shall be connected to terminals B, D, E, J and L of
MS75021-2. Lighting cable, 28-volt. A 28-volt conductor lighting cable conforming to
Drawing 7728811 shall be furnished. Cable shall be not less than 10 feet in length and both ends
shall be equipped with connectors conforming to MS75020-1 and MS75020-2. Cable may be of
the coiled retractable type. Inverter type 28-volt system. A 12 to 28-volt inverter shall operate from the
12-volt battery and shall be rated for continuous duty. Cable supports. Cable supports shall be furnished. Cable supports shall be located
at the rear of the vehicle cab. Stowage for the cable shall be by means of a hook and hanging
loop, or a protective holding bracket. When a hook or loop method is used, the cable shall be
furnished with a hanging loop, so attached as to insure that the plug is pointed down when the
jumper cable is stowed on the hook provided or on the pogo stick type hose tender. Protective
bracket, when furnished, shall be mounted at the rear of the cab, below the roof line, and to the
side of the cab rear window. The protective bracket shall hold the cable plug(s) within the
bracket housing to preclude entrance of water into the electric cable plug terminals.

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