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Page Title: Blackout lighting
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MIL-T-62255C(AT) Wiring schematic. A wiring schematic for the electrical system specified herein
shall be furnished. The schematic shall be on a plate (see The schematic shall depict
the 12 volt lighting system and the 28-volt lighting system. Complete operating instructions
shall be furnished. The schematic shall also include the electrical starting system. Blackout lighting. When specified (see 6.2), 12-volt blackout lighting shall be
furnished. Blackout lighting drawings will be provided when specified.
3.4.3 Gear train. Gear train shall meet or exceed the requirements specified in 3.3 through Transmission. An automatic transmission shall be provided. The transmission shall
be capable of automatically upshifting and downshifting in at least the four upper gear ratios.
With the detent in any fixed gear ratio, the transmission shall not seek any other gear ratio unless
grade and load conditions increase with fixed engine power. The transmission shall have not less
than five forward and one reverse gear ratio. Normal driving selector shall provide not less than
four gear ratios without manual movement of the selector. Input torque, horsepower, and
revolutions per minute and rated capacity shall be greater than that delivered by the vehicle
engine. The transmission and components shall be capable of accepting the GVWR loads
specified. The transmission shall include an oil screen, oil cooler and an oil filter. Transmission
shift level sequence, starter interlock and transmission braking effect shall conform to
FMVSS No. 102. Certify that the transmission is matched and rated for use in conjunction with
interfacing components.
MARK AS FOLLOWS: Do not tow vehicle over 20 mph and no more than 15 miles. Hydraulic torque converter. A hydraulic torque converter for the transmission shall
be furnished. A red temperature light shall be furnished on the vehicle instrument panel to
indicate when the converter oil is above manufacturer's recommendations. The stall torque ratio
shall be the transmission manufacturer's recommendation to meet the performance specified in
3.3. Power take-off. Power take-off opening(s) and heavy duty drive gears shall be
furnished. The power take-off opening(s) shall conform to SAE J704. The openings shall be
utilized for the hydraulic elevating fifth wheel. The power take-off drive rating shall provide a
torque of not less than 300 pound foot and be rated for continuous duty. Power take-off controls
shall be located in the vehicle cab in an accessible position to the driver , and shall be guarded to
prevent accidental actuation.

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